Standing for Truth

Good morning! The Lord has seen fit to give me another day, even though this is my third straight day indoors (the air quality reading now is 186, while yesterday’s high was in around 220!). I am finding creative ways to keep my apartment ventilated — right now, I have the vents in the restroom and laundry room sucking out the air from these spaces — and of course I have my air purifiers going all the time. I periodically let the air conditioner run (recirculated air, of course) and I almost always have a fan on, so that the air is continuously moving. Aside from that, there really isn’t much that can be done. And thankfully, the weather is much cooler than it was even a few days ago!

You all know that I am getting back in the routine of blogging (as an aside, can someone explain to me how to switch off the WordPress Block Editor?), and I came across several good verses this morning in my daily Bible review time that I will be sharing on the blog in the days to come. They also all come from the same chapter of 2 Corinthians, so we’ll see how the Lord leads in this matter.

For today, I wanted to share this verse from 2 Corinthians 13:

For we cannot oppose the truth, but must always stand for the truth.

These words nearly jumped off the page for me today. We live in such a contrarian world today, that the idea of “truth” has become more of a relative concept. We have moved away from having standards that clearly delineate right from wrong, and have moved into what is commonly known as the “post-truth” era, where what matters most are what I believe to be true, rather than what actually is true. And if that is the prevailing view in the world today, then boy are we in trouble!

Too often, as believers, we are known by what was stand against, rather than what (or Whom) we stand for. Certainly, we should not water down our convictions or change our views so that we blend in with the popular culture, but are we known for what we stand for? This question gives me pause, because — at least in Christianity in the west — it seems like very few people understand what we stand for in the household of faith. So I thought I’d pose the question to you: if you are a follower of Christ, then what do you stand for?

Let me get us started with the following three ideas:

  1. We believe in the sovereignty of the triune God of the Bible, and understand that there never has been and never will be any greater authority or power than Him. God is immutable (He does not change), and all of the relevant “omni” descriptors (-present, -potent, -scient) apply to Him and only to Him.
  2. We recognize that the we are made in the image of God in order to carry out the unique purposes that He has prepared for each of us to do, and He is committed to providing the guidance that we need to carry them out. When further clarification is needed, we will seek the guidance of other godly believers, trusting that the Lord is committed to making His will plain to us when the time is right.
  3. We recognize the ultimate authority of the Bible, His written Word, an recognize it as our ultimate source of  truth and wisdom in all matters. We understand that God has a plan, precept, or principle for all areas of life, and when in doubt, we will confer with His word to make sure that we are rightly understanding what He is saying.  Finally, when my view on a matter contravenes that which is clearly declared in the Bible, then I change my point of view.

This list is far from exhaustive, so feel free to add in your thoughts (so long as they are Bible-based and are of sound doctrine). And try to remember that real change comes when we remain committed to our convictions — that which we stand for — rather than arguing with people about that which we stand against. Remember that the Lord does not need us to argue for Him (He is able to defend Himself just fine), but He does ask us to be salt and light in the world today. How can we be salt and light in the world if we spend most of our time fussing with people around us?

Some food for thought — as always, your comments are most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Standing for Truth

  1. Wow – great post! Solid truth! I 100% agree with your stated Truths.

    And this: “real change comes when we remain committed to our convictions — that which we stand for — rather than arguing with people about that which we stand against.”
    Such a good point! Let us always be salt and light, speaking the truth in love. Sometimes salt hurts in a wound, and sometimes light makes people squint. But when delivered with love, God is there, and His Word never returns to Him void.

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    1. You know, I never thought about the points that you made about salt and light — that salt can make things worse and light can be blinding when misapplied. I will keep these wise words of yours in mind for the future,so I will hopefully not be too salty or too bright! 😀

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