So I am getting back in the rhythm of posting regularly again, and as we settle into this new normal of fires, Spare the Air days, sunless skies, and staying indoors, my posts are going to reflect what is going on around me. I appreciate your understanding, as it’s really tough to describe what is going on here unless you live here, but I find that writing about it helps (I was going to try journaling, but the Lord clearly reminded me, “Get back to your blog!” Yes, Sir….).

But here is the ironic thing: despite the pandemonium, life here is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Say what you will about the state of the world today, but 2020 — our Year of Staying Indoors — has ushered in a season of contemplative quiet that I have found refreshing in several respects.

After all, I work from home. I am getting plenty of rest. And lest you fear that I am short of food and other necessary supplies, I get regular deliveries right to my door — I haven’t stepped foot in a store of any kind since early March! I no longer commute, and drive so few miles these days that I was able to cut the cost of my car insurance premiums by half. I am seeing my family — virtually, mostly — more regularly than ever before, and I find that my friends and I are having heartfelt and meaningful conversations about the important things in life. And I am leading a lively Bible study on Zoom on Wednesday evenings — we have been in the book of James since early May! (What’s the rush?).

But I digress. The older I get, the more I have come to realize that true wisdom understands that life offers more questions than answers, and that honestly admitting to another person, “I do not know,” can be one of the wisest and compassionate things we can do.

Why is COVID happening? I do not know. I have some thoughts on the matter, but only God has the facts, so why speculate?

Why is our nation so divided? I don’t have the answer to this one either, but I suspect that it has something to do with our unwillingness to really listen to others — even if they hold a divergent point of view.

Why are we in a recession? Again, I do not know (I am no economist), but it sure seems like these peaks and valleys in our economy come and go fairly consistently.

Why did my loved one pass away? I do not know, but I do know that death angers and grieves God more that it does me, and when I grieve, He grieves along with me.

I could go on and on, but rather than focusing on that which I cannot control or understand (despite my best efforts), why not instead hang my hat on the truth found in these verses in Lamentations?

Truly, hard times and sorrow may greet us each day, but if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, the Lord’s steadfast love, tender mercies, and faithfulness can be seen — we must remember to look for them!

5 thoughts on “Steadfast

  1. It is a joy and a blessing to me to read of your steadfast faith in our steadfast Lord. You have seen the “sliver linings” – the blessings – that God reveals in hard times. He is our blessing, and we hang on to Him.

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    1. Oh Kathy, if only that were true! I have my darker days, too, and some of them were very recent. I am trying to take the psalmist’s approach to processing my feelings, which boils down to writing my thoughts down (blogging again) and trusting the Lord to sort them out in due time. I am still jumbled up inside quite a bit, but am trying to focus on putting one foot in front of the other each day.

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      1. Ah, and don’t we all have those times…
        In our house, we are having such times, as well. I trust God to sort what’s what, because I don’t know, really, all of it. But I pray, indeed.

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