He Owns It All

I think that we forget sometimes that the Lord is the only Ons who actually owns anything — the rest of us are simply leasing everything else from Him (including the air that we breathe!).

Everything that we use — even when we fancy ourselves to be innovators who create “new” things — is borrowed. Water, air, food, income… none of it actually belongs to us, but we so often act and behave as if the opposite were true. God created it all, declared it good, and then has graciously bestowed it upon us as stewards. I wonder — how are we doing on the stewardship front?

Just think about it: the Lord knows “evety bird on the mountains” and then He declares that “all of the animals of the field are mine”. Put another way, everything above and below belongs to Him, and the Lord knows each sparrow, finch and eagle by name. In fact, even the animals on the ground do not escape His notice.

And if He owns the birds on the mountains, then the mountains also belong to Him; and if the animals on the earth are His, then it stands to reason that the fields belong to Him, too.

Can you imagine it? Every bird? Every mountain? And all of the animals in tne field? God created it all, and maintains it all by the Word of His power.

And this same God wants to be our Friend. Amazing Grace, indeed.

6 thoughts on “He Owns It All

  1. To think on such things is overwhelming for me. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.”
    When I think of stewardship, I think of time, money, and talents. He has given all these to us, and really does expect us to use them to His glory (parable of the talents, i.e.). Along with talents are the gifts of our own intellect, our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.
    Give ALL of that to Him?? Yes, indeed. He designed us in such a way that, when we do, we have more peace and joy.

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      1. You are too kind. My “fodder” has been rather sparse in 2020, but I’ll see if I can be more consistent. Life is more than mere survival — by God’s grace, we might even be able to thrive in the valley of the shadow, against all odds.

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  2. Good questions. Only when the wonder of His creative love penetrates the hard pan of our soil to wet our spirit will we be able to respond with the love He deserves. As His powerful tenderness takes root the first green shoots of obedience will arise from within us. When the flower of sacrifice blooms He will be able to inhale the sweet fragrance of His Son once again on the earth. He is the Gardener and we are mere plants in His garden. Only as we accept He is the One who sustains us all will we flourish and bring glory to our Creator.

    Our stewardship lay, not in tending the garden of others, but our own. When we allow Jesus to remove the weeds of ‘self’ from our soil, build the walls of protection around us, and lead us to the tomb within, the garden will flourish. However, if we selfishly determine to be our own gardeners that plot of land will lay as dead as a salted marsh. The wise understand and know that truly Jesus owns it all. May we be so wise.

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