Songs of Deliverance

I came across this verse in my Bible reading plan today, and had to share it! Here’s why:

  • The Lord is our place of refuge (hiding place), much like a port in a storm; the winds of life may continue to swirl all around us, but He who can stop the gales with a word is our Shield and ultimate place of safety. Oh, what comfort this truth provides!
  • The Lord is also our Protector in the midst of our trials — note that the verse does not say that the Lord took the psalmist’s troubles away, yet sustained him in the very midst of them (take a moment to look up the word “preserve” in the dictionary — I just did and found the exercise useful. I hope you do, too).
  • Finally, I observe that we are surrounded by songs of deliverance (some translations say “shouts”). Some people may fixate on the word “deliverance,” but do you know which word catches my eye instead? Surround. The mere thought of it is rathering stirring, isn’t it? We are completely surrounded by words of comfort and promises from the Lord Himself.

Anyway, this verse was a blessing to me today, and I wanted you to be encouraged by it, too! God is good. ✝️

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