God’s Will

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible (one I have shared with you all before, but who is to say that we cannot or should not visit it again?), because it reminds me that the will of God is easier to discern than we may at first realize. However, I think we must first have a pretty clear understanding of what we mean by “God’s will”. Here are my thoughts on the matter:

The Lord has a specific will for each person, and then provides us with some guiding life principles and precepts that He desires all of us to follow (and they are not unique to the individual). It is my view that the principle found in 1 Peter 2:15 reflects that latter understanding of God’s will — a life principle to cling to, rather than specific guidance for a particular situation that I may be facing.

Put another way, it is my opinion that God’s will for us is like that of any other parent’s — to see a child grow into a mature adult who makes wise choices, and whose actions reflect lifelong commitments to compassion, personal excellence, discernment, and wisdom.

So, were you to ask me, “Do you think the Lord wants me to do A or B,” I would not be able to give you a direct answer — only the Holy Spirit can do that. However, were you instead to ask, “Should I make life choices predicated on what the Bible tells me and seek to honor God with my words and actions, even if I will face opposition and doing so may be unpopular?” My answer would, of course, be “Yes.”

Some things we need not pray about when the Lord has, through the Bible, already given us principles and precepts upon which we can make our choices. Other times, we may be seeking specific guidance on a matter, but the Lord may want us to step out in faith — so long as the thing we seek to do honors Him and is a blessing to others — and watch what happens next with excitement and expectation. And other times, it is evident that we should simply walk away from a situation or opportunity, because while it may appear to be a blessing, it may not be our blessing at this time in our lives.

Either way, when others who do not know the Lord see the fruit from our lives that reflects the wisdom, discernment, and compassion given to us by our Creator, I believe that they will be rendered nearly speechless (or “put to silence”). In fact, this happened to me just the other day.

Quite unexpectedly, my supervisor sent me an email telling me how amazed he was that our organization was doing well, and he couldn’t explain it, but he believed that it started when I arrived. He mentioned seeing our numbers increase, things running more smoothly, and that his stress levels have gone down appreciably (before I arrived, he had to do all of the work himself). You could tell that he was utterly confounded because he could not explain the turn of events in logical, human terms, but he was still very, very appreciative. By the way, I work for a very good man, even though he ism’t a Christian — still, a good man nonetheless.

I replied to his email and let him know that I enjoyed working for the organization, but closed the message by saying something like, “I find that prayer helps.” Because it does.

I have been praying for my place of employment since day one. We are not a big organization by any means, and we run our operations quite leanly. What I do is core to the health of the organization, so if I am not successful in my work, then everyone else is affected in a big way. i started praying right away when I began working there, and asked the ladies in my Bible study group (they are all prayer warriors!) to do the same.

So here we are, eight months later, and we are getting by. We still run a lean operation and no one has talked about layoffs, budget cuts, etc. In fact, we are seeing an uptick in interest, even though we have done nothing formal to stoke that interest. We also have not lost any clients, which is remarkable to me (and Lord willing, that will not change!).

Even I cannot explain it apart from Jesus! 🙂

Remember that “ignorant” people aren’t necessarily people who lack knowledge — they simply may be ignorant of our way of life, including the favor and peace that can come to the one who places his/her trust in the Lord. I can attest that this journey has been far from easy, but God has been faithful, and His favor — not due to anything I have done, but only because of who He is — has indeed covered us like a shield.



16 thoughts on “God’s Will

  1. Wonderful post. I remember oh so well early in the Lord leading closer to Him how I struggled with this topic. I agree fully with your view “that God’s will for us is like that of any other parent’s — to see a child grow…” And grow us He does.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! After I published the post, I realized that I was wrestling with a decision and I sensed the Spirit prompting me, “Remember that blog posy that you wrote earlier? Do that and leave the rest in My hands.” So I re-read it. It was as if Someone Else wrote it. 💡Apparently I needed to receive that word from Him, too. Funny how the Lord works in us and through us to bless others, but most importantly, so that WE might be changed to be more like Him. ✝️

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  2. God always blesses obedience.
    A wider pan of your verse: 13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; 14 Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well. 15 For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: 16 As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God. 17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.
    And then he goes on to admonish servants to obey their masters.
    So, by obeying the governing authorities (by living in accordance with local laws), we are obeying God.
    God’s blessing is that we become more like Him. Well, one of His blessings. He blesses in a multitude of ways; and sometimes blessings look like suffering. But we grow and mature in Him.

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    1. Thank you for placing the verse in a better context, Kathy. I agree — there is a blessing that accords with a lifestyle of obedience, but it isn’t one that is readily seem with the naked eye. I find that I am am able to observe it most clearly in retrospect, as one notices footprints in the sand. 🧡

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      1. “I find that I am am able to observe it most clearly in retrospect, as one notices footprints in the sand”
        Wow, you have an amazing aptitude for perspectives. Through you, I am reminded that God has infinite perspective; I love how He reveals so much through you.

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      2. You are too kind, Kathy! Oddly, the strange circumstances we are facing — fires, bad air, COVID, drought, etc — lend themselves to a reassessment of perspective, no? Otherwise, I do not understand how people make it and the source (if they have one) from which they derive their hope and strength.

        How are things with you, my friend? BTW I am starting my doctoral program in special ed later this fall, and I will keep you posted on my progress. 🙏🏾

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      3. 😮🎉🎈 Doctoral program!!! Wonderful, and congratulations! Yes yes, please keep me posted.
        God certainly uses circumstances to guide us. With so many unusual circumstances, I think He is speaking loudly. Like He did to the Israelites. May we listen to Him.

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      4. Yes, I was supposed to start my program in January of this year, but had to postpone until this fall. I am starting with one class to see how I do while also working full-time.

        You are right about this listening! I feel like the Lord wants us to simply be at home and rest (unless we are required to leave for work reasons). This has been a pleasant lifestyle shift for me (versus my regular commute) — has the pandemic shifted your daily routine much?

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      5. Sadly, I no longer have access to my volunteer activities in the nursing homes and assisted living. I miss my reading group (2x/week) and Sing-Alongs (1x/week at various sites). Although, the director at the senior living facility (independent, so not under federal regs) invited me back for a monthly Sing-Along. I’m pretty happy about that. My friend, whose husband died, came with me last week, and we both had a blast.
        Otherwise, no. Stores and pretty much all facilities are open in our smallish community. And, being retired (SO grateful for that!), I don’t have a lot of running to and fro (or stress) for work. I am blessed and grateful for it!

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      6. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying some semblance of normalcy, although I am saddened to hear about the impact on your volunteer efforts.

        I am also glad to hear that your recently widowed friend was able to join you on a recent excursion! I can already tell that you are a great blessing to her. 🧡

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  3. And how cool is it that God is blessing your work site so obviously through you! And that He has opened the eyes of your supervisor and coworkers to His working; and blessing your prayer warriors and YOU!

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    1. Praise God for that, too. I am marvelling at it all. But may the cry of my heart forever be, “More of You and less of me” — lest pride and love of self start to take hold. It is a reminder to me that we are often challenged the most during our successes, rather than our seasons of lack.

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