This familiar verse from Hebrews 11 brings me comfort today. Why? Well, it provides a fairly straightforward definition of what faith is:

Faith (Trust) = Assurance (of God’s plan) + Conviction (in God’s character)

So, if we do not have faith/trust in the Lord, then what do we actually have? Tragically, without a saving faith in Jesus, we then have only have ourselves. and what to do we do when — like our current global crisis — we cannot solve our own problems?

I had planned to write something else today, but do not feel the Spirit’s agreement with that plan, so I scuppered it. Instead, I will leave you with some of my reflections on gratitude from the past week:

  • I am grateful that I am gainfully employed, and have an understanding supervisor and flexible job that allows me to work from home.
  • I am thankful that my health, for the most part, remains good. I am 2+ weeks into sheltering in place (and have not left my apartment complex in that time), but hope to visit my mother and brother early this week.
  • I am blessed to have food delivery services that keep me fairly well supplied during this crisis. I use grocery delivery services as well as a weekly meal preparation program, and so far I am doing fairly well. It’s not the most inexpensive approach to shopping, but it does ensure that I remain healthy.
  • I am extremely fortunate to live in an era where I an enjoy a full worship service online each week. I tune into Harvest Online each weekend, and have been doing so for some time (well before COVID-19 hit) and am grateful for such a readily accessible platform for worship.
  • I also have wonderful medical care — for the first time in my life, I experienced “telecare” last week, where my doctor and I had a phone appointment rather than an in-person visit. I have shared here in the past, but the Lord has given me a WONDERFUL primary care physician who treats me like family, and always takes the very best care of me. And even though I could not see him on Friday, we had a good conversation on the phone, and I felt well cared for and supported. I am grateful.

So, by faith, I trust that the same God who has has kept me employed, well fed, healthy, able to worship with others, and keeps me in the care of wonderful medical providers can — and will — also see me through this and all future days in my life, whether they be many or few. Ultimately, this is what faith is: the assurance that God’s plan is good, and the accompanying conviction that His character is trustworthy, no matter what my senses may tell me.

Have a blessed week in the Lord, my friends — one full of assurance, hope, and conviction that we are not in this storm by ourselves, and that when He is ready, the Lord can and will calm our tumultuous circumstances with a simple phrase: “Peace! Be still.”


7 thoughts on “Assurance

  1. I was delighted with your use of the word, scuppered . I even went and looked it up. 😁
    I am also delighted to read that you are well cared for, and taking measures to take care of yourself. Your grateful heart blesses me.
    Your comment, “Tragically, without a saving faith in Jesus, we then have only have ourselves,” gave me pause. My first thought was that many then trust in their government or authorities or others in their local communities. But really, it came back down to trusting in oneself, because whoever we put our trust in, is a result of our choice of whom to trust. We trust we make good decisions. It always comes back to Adam and Eve wanting to be like God, and we do the same, ourselves. Any way you look at it, you’re right: Without a saving faith in Jesus we are lost. When we trust in the care of our Heavenly Father, we can rest assured we are in Good Hands, indeed.

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