I came across this familiar verse recently, and thought to myself, “why are we so naturally disinclined to share what we have with others?”

This starts at a very early age, when toddlers start issuing decrees like “no” and “mine” — and the behavior seems to continue well into adulthood, no?

That is why I like this rendering of Hebrews 13:16 so well (and to my KJV friends, avert your gaze and look up the passage in your favored translation ☺️), because the verse clearly segments the desired actions that the Lord wants us to take in the following ways:

  • Doing good. What does in mean to do good? In my view, it means esteeming the needs and feelings of another higher than my own. However, note that the verse says “doing good” rather than simply “being good,” so I think there is a strong bias toward action here. We are to be people who take actions characterized by goodness.
  • Sharing. What does it mean to share? I think it takes the idea of “doing good” to the next level, by trying to meet the need of another by giving away something that holds great value to me. I am no theologian, but I wonder if “share” here means giving without an expectation of return — like the story of the Good Samaritan.
  • Sacrificing. The Lord never said that doing good and sharing were easy, did He? No, they often are challenging, inconvenient, and burdensome. Yet we are called to do good and share nonetheless! Why, well the verse tells us so: doing so pleases God.

And I reckon that’s enough for me. So in our own small way each day, let’s think about how we can do good to others and share — even when such actions may take us out of our comfort zone. 🧡

PS — I am still sorting out what this reprise of Daily Hopeful will be like. I suspect that my posting schedule will be less predictable (maybe “[Every Other] Daily Hopeful Blog”?), but I am still feeling my way through it. We shall see how the Lord leads in this matter.

3 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Thank you for sacrificing your time, and for sharing the good things the Lord gives you. 😊
    Doing good, to me, means doing God’s work, since there is none good but God alone. (Mark 10.18). All that He gives us is meant to be shared. (Conversely, it may be that all we generate ourselves is meant to be kept to ourselves. 😲😉)

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    1. Good point, but since the Lord gives us all things, I suppose we should at least be WILLING to share whatever He has first shared with us, no?

      And thank YOU for faithfully maintaining your blogging ministry and letting the light of Jesus shine through you so brightly. ☀️

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