True Character

I love these words from Mother Teresa — I find them both convicting and imspiring. May I be ever mindful of the power of my words, thoughts, and actions — to love, heal, and care, or to tear down, wound, and focus only on my wants and needs.

By God’s grace, may my character be true, others-focused and Spirit-led, rather than flesh-driven. 🙏🏾

How us your character doing these days?

5 thoughts on “True Character

  1. I often thought of that verse in Hebrews 13.2 (entertaining angels) when I was working in my special ed room, doing such mundane tasks as changing diapers on a high school student.
    It does matter to whom we minister because we are to do it all as unto the Lord.

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    1. Well said. Your observation about Hebrews 13:2 is an important one. I too have had that impression, but usually at surprising times (I was volunteering at a food bank a couple of years ago, and some of the patrons were lined up for a free lunch. I was helping them check in, and one man in particular — outwardly, an unclean homeless man — made a very astute comment that left a comment that left me wondering if I had “entertained an angel unawares”. And yes, special ed is such a beautiful ministry! I will miss being in the classroom nexr year.

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