Happy Thanksgiving

This verse from Psalm 50 says it all, doesn’t it? Today marks two years of blogging here with Daily Hopeful, and three years of writing if you include my first blog, called Daily Thankful. I am grateful to the Lord all of you — for the friendship, encouragement, and joy that you have brought into my life. Again. You are a blessing! 🙏🏾

May this day (and all days, really) be filled with “a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving” that blesses the Lord, and may we seek His will first and act upon it in all things (“orders his way rightly”) so that our words, actions, and thoughts bring honor and glory to the One who has endowed us with the strength needed to overcome in the past, the patience to wait with endurance in the present, and the future hope that we who believe will all be united with Him eternally.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡

18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

      1. Ah, my mother in law just passed away. So much to deal with, besides the emotions: bank, attorney, cleaning out her room, insurance… Death is hard. But it’s good for her: she’s in Heaven now. 😊 That brings us joy.

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      2. We are well. Grieving is a funny thing. It has not, prior to this, hit so close to me. My husband is much more familiar with death than I. We handle it in different ways, but we are here for each other, and I appreciate that.

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