Not Today

Good evening! It’s 9:30 PM on a Friday evening, and am writing this from the parking lot of my apartment complex. I just got back in from running an errand and am still in the car! Clearly, I didn’t plan to write this post today, but God had other ideas.

Earlier today, I was looking online for inspiration for my Friday humor post, but was cut to the quick to read of yet another prominent Christian figure who had not only fallen into a wanton lifestyle, but seemed to relish doing so.

This grieves me.

And while I know that I’m not above any particular sin (given the right set of circumstances, all of us can veer off course. Few of us actually intend to do it, but it still happens), I am still appalled to hear about this particular story, and the exploitation it engendered.

Truthfully, it’s not even the blatant sin that bothers me — it is the hypocrisy. To be given such a public platform for ministry (even it the person was not a minister per se) and then use it for such nefarious purposes just makes me sad. And let this be a warning to us all! I will be doing some careful heart examination over the next few days to deal with the stuff that I am hanging onto that simply doesn’t belong there. In my mind, this is how the backsliding begins.

And if I am saddened by this, imagine God’s heart in this particular matter — for both the victims and the perpetrator. And for us, too, when we travel into such dangerous waters and then seem to relish being nearly swept away by the choppy currents. 😥

So you’ll have to forgive me if today’s post isn’t chock-full of the cheer and humor that I normally share on Fridays. I’m not feeling particularly humorous in light of today’s news. I am grieved for our world, our country, my state (California = modern day Babylon), and the city in which I live. I am grieved by what our children and grandchildren are being taught in schools. I am grieved by the way that we are able to talk about practically anything and everything publicly (with support and acclaim) but Jesus or the Bible.

I’m grieved by the breakdown of the American family. I am grieved by the testimony of the church — the bride of Christ — before the watching world. I am grieved that we live in a world where narcissism is considered a virtue, celebrities and professional athletes are worshiped for their vanity, and where our culture redefines issues that God has already clearly stated as a “false way” in His Word.

Yes, things will likely be different tomorrow. Perhaps I will even post a funny image or joke then.

But not today. Definitely not today.

13 thoughts on “Not Today

  1. Good mornin dailythankful.
    I don’t follow much news, so I don’t have a clue who you’re talking about.
    But coincidentally, less than an hour ago, I made a video about the ten commandments, and in that video message, I talked about why many people go apostate who have been professing Christians for years.

    Have a great day, and don’t worry about man.
    Rest in the finished work of Christ, and nothing that man does will affect your faith.

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    1. Thanks, Lee. I don’t watch the news, either. I was doing a search for “Bible humor” (as is my custom), and the story about this man, a Christian comedian, came up.

      I think there is a difference between worry and concern. I would say that I am very concerned about the state of the world today, but I’m not worried about it because I know that the Lord sets the record straight in the end!

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  2. My dear friend, I could feel what you are saying. Praying for this world is all that we can do. God told us it will be this way. His Word tells us that we have been this way since He created us, that it grieved His heart that He created us 🙂 I loved more the fact you were seeing all that is this world, and yet you felt for God. How this must make Him feel, AND then turned to examine your own self 🙂 This is how is should be 🙂 I don’t know the story you are talking about. I don’t pay much attention to the news. But from reading what you wrote, it is just another example of God will tell you, through His Word, all things. Verses like all that is done in the dark will come to light…the shepherds have lead my sheep astray,…wolves in sheep clothing…praise me with their lips but their hearts are far from me….are just a few that come to mind. Also, no apologies needed on your post. This is just as good if not better than a funny image or joke 🙂 I thank God for blessing you 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Margaret, for your wise and encouraging words. As I mentioned to Lee, I don’t follow the news either, but this information popped up while I was doing a Google search for something else.

      But yes, this whole situation has made me feel quite circumspect about my own life. What does it say in Romans about having us a sober self assessment? I reckon that’s what the verse means — or as another verse says, to not think higher of ourselves than we should.

      On a happier note, I prayed for you and your upcoming adventure in Texas. Something about your heart for God reminds me of a couple of characters in the Mitford books by Jan Karon. You might want to find the first one, At Home in Mitford, at the library if you feel so led. 🧡

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    1. Thanks, Ryan. I know that what is happening in our world today accords with what the Bible says as we approach the last days, but is still grieves my heart.

      I was talking recently with a friend who used to work in public education (but not in California). She said that teachers and staff have to teach kids — as early as kindergarten — about the redefinition of marriage, gender identity, and a whole host of other issues. Then there is the issue of having mixed-gender restrooms, and kids being able to go to the facility where they feel the most comfortable. 😮 None of these things is good, and would not even have been palatable as recently as ten years ago. Things seem to be escalating quickly, but as believers we can rest in the knowledge that God is in control, and that He has a plan even for these “last days” kinds of situations.

      How are you feeling today?

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      1. Amen to that, well said! I am feeling a lot better, thanks! Everyone is healthy now, praise God! We have been getting a bunch of snow. Kids were just out playing in it and my wife and I were shoveling over a foot of snow. Lots of flights cancelled out here. Classic Colorado! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. You raise an excellent point, Kathy. I believe the latter is happening, but due to His sovereign nature, the Lord remains at the helm of all things and has a plan for our country as well. However, the situation that we are facing as a nation and world is one of our own creation, sadly. Consider:

      1) The Lord created a world with enough resources for everyone to have enough to eat;

      2) The Lord created enough natural materials (trees and such) where everyone should be able to have shelter.

      3) The Lord has given us His Word, which explains the origins of #1 and #2, and well as any other possible situation we may confront in life.

      God has created enough and has given us a clear instruction manual that shows us how to wisely use His provision. If there is any lack in the world today, it is not the Lord who is in the wrong, but mankind. 😦

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      1. An excellent (but nonetheless sobering) point. It is the desire for greedy gain in our sin nature that is the problem — the perpetual desire to have and attain more, even if attaining it comes at great harm to ourselves and others. 😞

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