He Who Listens

Sometimes, when we pray, I think we forget that there is Someone at the other end of the line, so to speak. No, we so often start off with “Dear God” and then go through our litany of concerns and requests before signing off with “In Jesus’s name, amen.”

Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with such prayers, as they are doctrinally sound. The issue (at least for me, anyway) is the issue of my focus. When I pray, am I remembering that the Someone on the other end of line not only listens to me intently, but also desires to respond to us in a loving way? How quick we are to claim the words of the preceding verse (Jeremiah 29:11), without fully heeding the guidance given in the remaining verses.

It seems to me that we are to call upon Him, pray to Him, and then trust that He hears us and is responding. However, do I pause long enough in my prayerful monologue m to listen to Him? This definitely is an area where I have room to grow.

This listening has more to do with discernment and attunement, in my view, then it actually does with hearing an audible voice (which is rare). It seems to be an invitation to pause, look around, and see if something unusual is happening around me — think of Moses and the burning bush). In that example, things got going only when Moses responded to what the Lord had shown him. The Lord observed that Moses approached Him, and only then did He call out, “Moses, Moses!” The Lord knew that the only way to get Moses’s attention was to put him in a place where he was free from human distraction, and could not explain what he observed through any human logic or “wisdom”. And as it was with Moses, I wonder if this is how the Lord works with us — getting us to a place where the distractions have been removed, and we find ourselves in a place where our attention is focused and expectant. Otherwise, how will I hear when He calls out after me?

Pray with me:

Dear Jesus, I openly admit that I am prone to distraction when I pray to You, often placing my focus on my problems, rather than on what is working well in my life. This is ingratitude, and I apologize to You for it.

I understand that You have placed me in a remote and quiet place so that I may observe You at work, pray to You each day, and clearly hear You when You listen and then call to me by name.

Thank You for showing Yourself to be faithful and loving, even when my actions and attitudes say the complete opposite. I thank and praise You for who You are, repent of any discontentedness that has crept into my life, and wait — observantly and expectently — for Your call. In Your name I pray, amen.

6 thoughts on “He Who Listens

  1. Yes, and clearing our minds. I find I can be in the most quiet place in the world, and yet, my thoughts are louder than a bull horn. I have been having this issue lately, and been thinking how rude this is to the LORD. He is here, listening to me, for me, wanting to be here, and to listen and here I am letting all these other thoughts drowning our His valuable time. I have been asking the Holy Spirit to calm and clear my mind, and I am thanking God that He can help us with this. I mean, a burning bush isn’t out of His reach 🙂 🙂

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    1. You raise an excellent point that resonates with me deeply. Admittedly, my mind is rarely at ease/at rest, and as you rightly say, such a preoccupationd with our own thoughts dishonors the Lord.

      Thanks for yet another nugget of wisdom, dear friend. 🙏🏾

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      1. It’s not easy, my mind is the same way. My son says I am always on step 50 when everyone else is at step 3. Great for problem solving, not so great when you need to do one thing ONLY like talking with the LORD. I asked for help with this, and I know He is and will continue to help me get where He wants me to be. But we can also divert those preoccupied thoughts to our time with the LORD. Does that make sense? Because we(and maybe I should say by we I mean someone like me) can’t keep it to just one thought BUT I can direct the many thoughts to my prayer time. It’s not like we are talking to a person. We are talking to the Almighty God. He can do everything, that includes having my jumbled up, racing thoughts prayer sessions 🙂 Again if that makes sense. Hahaha. I ask God to reveal to you what I mean, if it isn’t clear 🙂

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