Pray in This Way

While the passage of Scripture colloquially known as “The Lord’s Prayer” provides a good template upon which we can base our own time before God, I am not a supporter of simply reciting it by rote, devoid of any thought or feeling. That being said, there is a lot good doctrine in these verses — and when approached thoughtfully and reverently, this simple prayer can be transformative on several levels.

What is so remarkable about it is that the prayer keeps the Lord in His rightful place (high and lifted up, reminding me that He is the only One to whom I can and should focus my energy (and I do not mean that in the new age sense) as I prepare to spend time in prayer.

So, let me get things started by going through the first few lines of this prayer and offering a few reflections. If you are praying this along with me, feel free to continue this time of reflection on your own:

Our FatherDo I see the Lord as my Father? Why or why not? What does this label mean to me?

Who is in heaven. Of course, God is in all places at all time, but His home is heaven.

Hallowed be Your name. Are we honoring the Lord for who He is, and according His name the respect and honor that it deserves?

Your kingdom come, Your will be done. We know that His kingdom is already fully present and realized in the heavenly realm, but His perfect plans and purposes are yet unfolding (sometimes in some unexpected ways) for those of us still here on Earth.

On earth and it is in heaven. One day, His purposed will will be accomplished in every sphere of His creation! The book of Revelation reminds us of this, too!

Give us this day….I invite you to continue going through this prayer line by line on your own. Enjoy this time of solace, rest, filling, releacse, and peace as you go through these verses, one idea at a time.

Be blessed, dear friends!


2 thoughts on “Pray in This Way

  1. There’s a reason Jesus gave us these excellent Words for prayer. He knows we can speak to Him in many ways; When He came to earth, He made it more personal, and knew His relationship with us was to become even more personal. This is a personal adoration, acknowledgement, and submission to Him.
    Excellent treatment of this passage! Thank you for bringing it to us.

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    1. So very well said, Kathy! I have missed reading your words (the air quality has been rough these past few days). I particularly like your thought on how Jesus came to earth to make our connection to Him “more personal” — ironically, I had never thought of it in this way before now. Thank YOU! ✝️

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