Real Integrity

This quote by Chuck Swindoll really hits the nail on the head, no? Integrity, then, is a constancy of character and conviction that cannot be changed by circumstances.

After all, the Bible does indicate that one of the greatest tests in life is not necessarily the burden of lack, but more often (but not always) the crushing weight of plenty.

Please hear me: I do not believe that God is opposed to our success or pursuing our dreams — quite the opposite! Rather, my view is that He wants us to include Him in all decisions and follow His way first (and always), whether we have been blessed with much, are doing fine as is, or are suffering great lack. This, then, is “real integrity”! ✝️

PS — I will be sure to share another update to my post from Monday quite soon. There was an unexpected plot twist in the development that I wanted to share with you this week, so I thank you for your patience and ongoing prayers! 🧡

11 thoughts on “Real Integrity

      1. Thank you so much. I am trying to push through what appears to be a very tenuous situation. It is like walking on a wobbly bridge – every step matters, and the wrong step can have you falling off into the water. Indeed, there is a verse toward the end of Proverbs 4 that talks about walking with your eyes straight in front of you – that’s what I’m trying to do.

        How are things going with you? Have you recovered from your vacation? 🙂

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