Great Things!

I have a major praise report to share. (my schedule has been tight the last few days and is the same today, but I will log on later this evening to catch up on your posts and share more of an update).

Briefly, I wanted to thank those of you who have been praying for me — especially with my job search. The Lord. Has heard your prayers and responded in such a miraculous way that I still am wrapping my mind around all that has happened. However, I think that this verse from Luke 1 sums it up very well. 🙂

More details will come soon, but I’m still trying to wrap my mind around everything that has happened. Once that has is done, then I will be sure to circle back to you all to share more of an update (and also learn more about how I can be praying for you). 🙏🏾

What I will say is this: if you’ve been praying for something for a long time and you have not yet gotten an answer, keep pressing in and trusting Him! His response may not come how you think it will or even when you wanted to, arrive, but it will come in due course. ⚓️

22 thoughts on “Great Things!

    1. Thank you, Ryan! Your prayers are appreciated, but the battle is not yet won. When I am able to share more, I definitely will do so here. Just a reminder that the battle that we face each day is very real, and the enemy can be very cunning. We must keep our Sword of the Spirit near us at all times! 🗡

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    1. Your comment made me smile. Hopefully, I will be able to share something soon. The blessing appears to have come, but we also know that any great movement of the Lord often does not go unopposed. So I find myself in a place of discernment, as I want to make sure that the next step I make is the right one.

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