Good Words

So I came across this excerpt from the book of Micah the other day, and the words really caught my attention. Bearing in mind the biblical, cultural, and historical context for this passage of Scripture (reviewing the other chapters in this book may help) what is your take on these words from the Lord?

4 thoughts on “Good Words

  1. Like all of the Father’s words this one is multilayered. As we grow in spiritual maturity and understanding we will be able to unveil these layers.

    To really grasp what God is saying through Micah one must be truly walking uprightly. That means that we live and breathe in His presence daily. That we have surrendered all to follow Him and are committed to following His will alone.

    As we grow into these we find several truths.

    1) We need Jesus and His words as we need air, food and sleep. They become a necessity. In that way His words do good for us.

    2) His personal promises to us fill us hope and encouragement of future blessings in His presence. That is like olive oil on dry skin. This also does good for us.

    3) As He goes before us each day the power of His creative words creates for us blessings and opportunities. This means we do not suffer under the curse that the rest of mankind suffers under. It may mean we avoid some altercation or accident or it may mean that something good will happen, like an unexpected call, a surprising scene, or some blessing that will prosper us. It could also mean that He gives us a lesson to train and mature us. In all these things God is constantly drawing us closer to Himself. Each step we take closer to Him does good for us; bodily, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    God’s words are life itself. When we can no longer get through the day without them we are in a good place.

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  2. Pr 9.9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.
    I think they both say the same thing. If we consider that wisdom is, “seeing things from God’s perspective,” then we see that the wise person will be quick to reach for God, learn from Him, and obey Him.

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