Romans 3:4

What does this verse mean to you? Of course, to gain a better understanding of the text, I advise reading the entire book of Romans (even though it sometimes seems to me that Paul can be rather chatty at times).


13 thoughts on “Romans 3:4

    1. Amen, Robert, amen! What Jesus said about the narrow gate in the wide gate were true and His day, and a true now, too! Sadly, we live in a post-truth era, where people are not guided by facts and principles, but rather their feelings about the facts and principles.

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  1. Paul is talking about the Jews and the Law and making a point about sin and righteousness. It is very interesting in Paul’s letters how he speaks to social issues of his time. He does that throughout his letters as well as warning believers of certain people or groups. Like at the end of 2 Timothy. Paul was a bold preacher of the truth that’s for sure! God bless!

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