Our Helper

As I mentioned last week, I find myself in a challenging situation — a blend of the stories of Nehemiah and Esther, in a way. I am borrowing a page from Nehemiah’s book and am taking time to assess the situation, rather than reacting out of emotion. Understand that I am okay, but know that I have been placed in this situation for a purpose — one that will be revealed in time.

In the interim, I lay hold of the promise that the Lord makes to all of us — just like Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 18, God hears us when we call out to Him, and responds in the best possible way (from His perspective) for all parties involved.

I have to wrap this up as my scheduled break is just about over, but if you get the chance to read Jehoshaphat’s full story in 2 Chronicles, you won’t regret it! Truly, the Lord listens, He cares, and He helps us at all times.

More later! I miss you all. 🧡

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