Inner Strength

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After a week of interviews and travels, I realized that I was exhausted and simply needed to rest. Note that I use “exhausted” in its most positive sense: on the whole, the week was quite good, and there were many valuable life lessons to be learned.

Again, I returned to the Monterey area for another set of onsite interviews. While the day was long (8:30am – 5:30pm), it was one of the most peaceful and enjoyable interview experiences I’ve ever had. I felt great peace and contentment throughout the day.

I will be speaking to the hiring manager in a few minutes about my candidacy. I have a good feeling about this, and will be sure to keep you all posted. Many thanks to those of you who have been praying for me!

Accordingly, I was encouraged by this excerpt from Joel 2:11b. It’s a little slip of Scripture that might easily be missed, but the Holy Spirit brought it to my attention this morning (I was deciding between several verses for today’s post). As always, it is critical to review a Bible verse in context, so I encourage you to read the first couple of chapters of Joel if you can. Still, I believe that there is an important life principle for us to discern here.

There is s blessing that attends obedience. While life may not always be easy, the Lord does equip us with the strength needed to do that which He calls us to do. Further, we cannot act unless we understand what we are being asked to do, and we are unable to glean these precious insights unless we spend time seeking the mind of the Lord. Finally, we are unable to seek the Lord’s guidance on a matter unless we are still enough to discern His still, small voice in our noisy world of chaos and disorder.

I believe this is why God blessed me with rest these two few days. Truly, I believe that one of the most God-honoring things we can do is to rest and take a nap. In these times of stillness and rest, I find that I gain a new perspective on whatever situation I am facing. Recently, one of the important realities that I encountered was this:

I believe the Lord is calling me to live somewhere else. I believe that He has closed every other door in the area where I currently live because I need to live in a more peaceful place for a season. During this time, I trust that the Lord will do a deeper level of healing in my heart and mind, and I will benefit substantially greatly from the experience.

So that is what I am preparing to do. I had previously been exploring other areas, but I saw little movement there. Finally, it was as if the Lord asked me directly: “Do you really want to live there?” After some heartfelt consideration, I realized, no, I don’t want to live in those other places.

The next question was similar: “Where do you want to live?” Someplace peaceful and still was my reply: Not too hot, too grey, or too far, and preferably close to the water. Well, that ruled out several job opportunities I had been considering already.

It was only when I spent some time on the Central Coast of California that I realized that I could really see myself living there. So I’m trusting God to work out the details according to His timing, and to also provide whatever resources are needed to facilitate this relocation. Either way, He will give me the strength needed for this journey, as the Lord always equips those He calls (rather than calling those who already seem to be equipped). So we shall see what happens.

Best wishes to each of you for a wonderful rest of your week. 🙏🏾

18 thoughts on “Inner Strength

    1. Thanks, Ryan! It looks like I still have to wait a little while yet, as there is a third candidate who is being interviewed this week. So it looks like I should know more later this week/this weekend. The Lord’s will be done.

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  1. My husband and I had the same relocation criteria (which would mean God would need to intervene) for where we wanted to live in our “refirement.” The Lord provided a beautiful peaceful place on a golf course five minutes from the water. I am confident He will do the same for you. May you become even more acquainted with the Father of Lights who gives only good and perfect gifts. ♥

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      1. Alas, I did not get the position, but I am okay with the news. If became clear to me at the very end of the process that there were some character issues in the hiring manager. Better to know that now than later!

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  2. When we carry out His Word, He gives us the strength (and whatever else we need) to do so.
    You have big things in your life – great changes are upon you, it seems! I’m excited for you, knowing that you seek God, and that He loves to bless you. I pray and hold my breath to see how this unfolds. God bless you!

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    1. Thank you, Kathy! I appreciate you. It looks like there is no news to share at this point. There is one final candidate who needs to be interviewed this week, then I should know whether or not things will move forward with me. I am reminding myself to hold the situation loosely, just in case things don’t turn out quite the way I expect that they will. The Lord’s will be done either way.

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    1. Thank you! So much has happened in the past week and I feel behind on everything, but as you say, there are blessings attached to obedience.

      Thank you for your encouragement — it means more than yoo may ever know. 🙏🏾

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  3. I enjoyed your post! God does call us to relocate to different places. It has happened to me and is happening now. I’m looking forward to the change. He also wants us to take time to rest and not over work ourselves.

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