Faith Over Fear

I know it has been several days since my last post. I am starting to feel better! Thanks to the good Lord, your prayers, my allergist, and some antibiotics, things are looking up. I appreciate you all!

I came across this passage today, and it felt like an appropriate one to share here on this blog as I reflect on that for which I am grateful. Every day, the choice we are called to make is faith or fear. The way I see it, we have at least four options. Which one resonates the most deeply with you?

▫️Faith over fear: 😁/😳

▫️Fear over faith: 😳/😁

▫️Co-existence, led by faith: 😁+😳

▫️Co-existance, led by fear: 😳+😁

I found myself in a situation over the weekend where I had some unexpected car trouble. Thankfully, the event happened when I was at church, so there were plenty of people around and I was in no danger at all.

Thankfully, after a quick call to AAA and a text to a friend of mine who knows an awful lot about cars, things were looking up, so to speak. Within about 15 minutes, the AAA repair person came to the car, and about five minutes later my friend and his wife showed up, too. They wanted to make sure that I was okay, and I really appreciated their concern.

What followed was a series of what I like to call “micro miracles”:

▫️Several people in the church parking lot checked in on me to make sure I was okay. It reminded me that people really are quite thoughtful.

▫️The AAA driver “just happened” to be in the vicinity of the church when he received my call;

▫️When he arrived, he explained that his name was Lucas, and that his parents named him after the book of Luke. There was a very peaceful presence about him, too.

▫️Then, my two friends showed up to make sure that my car would be fine, and followed me as far as they could in their car as they were headed home (to make sure I was safe).

▫️I made it home before the sun went down! This made me very happy.

On the faith and fear continuum that I mentioned earlier, I would say that this past weekend, I sat squarely in the faith+fear category. I figured that of all the places I could get stuck, the church parking lot after the Saturday evening service was not a bad place to be. I just didn’t want to be there by myself when It got dark outside, and God made sure that didn’t happen.

I realized then (and now!) that I had to make a choice in that moment: walk by fear, or to walk by faith. While I was obviously concerned about my vehicle, I chose instead to thank God for AAA and the thoughtful friends and fellow church members who made sure I was okay before they headed home.

That’s why this verse from Isaiah 12:2a strikes such a strong note with me today. Here is my application of the passage: God is my salvation, so therefore I can choose to turn away from fear, and choose to trust Him in all things.

Enjoy the rest of your week! ✝️

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      1. Yes, He did, even though I still felt anxious about it while the events were unfolding. Thankfully, His grace carried me through that day and all the others. 🙏🏾 Perhaps you and your family about the same on your recent vacation to California?

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