Wise Counsel

Today, I am grateful for the wise and godly friends in my life — especially the ones who speak the truth with care and concern, rather than watching passively as I prepare to takr an unexpected misstep.

I was fortunate to speak with such a friend today. He listened attentively while I explained the situation before me, and the tough choice I had to make. I had used logic to make my case, and then my friend gently — but compassionately — let me know that my plans weren’t quite as airtight as I had previously believed them to be.

At first, I protested and endeavored to make my case once again, but my friend held his ground. Finally, after speaking with him at length, I considered that he may very well be onto something. 💡 He made several good points, and I would have been foolish to ignore such thoughtful guidance.

I then remembered this verse from Proverbs 1, and realized the wisdom of my friend’s words. Oh, that I may always have ears to hear, a mind to increase in learning, and discernment to look outside of myself for wise guidance! I am grateful for my friend’s wise words, and for helping me to understand that the choice before me wasn’t quite as clear-cut as I had originally believed it to be.

It’s ironic to me how something can seem so right at first, and how we can genuinely believe that we’re on the correct path. However, then some new information comes to light that challenges our original point of view. Armed with such information, what are we to do?

My first instincts were to protest and hold onto my original plan. However, over time, I realized that the Lord very well may have been using my friend to get my attention! So I decided to release my grip on this particular situation, and instead trust that if I am meant to pursue it again further, He will make His will abundantly clear to me at just the right time.

As I reflect on all of this, I am filled with gratitude. Godly friends are a tremendous blessing from the Lord! 😊

6 thoughts on “Wise Counsel

  1. First: How exciting that I get to reply to you again! ❤
    Second: What a wonderful post! (as always) I’ve been listening to a podcast about preventing Alzheimer’s, and the doctor spoke of humans having plastic brains. When the average American thinks, “plastic,” (at least for me) he thinks of 1) garbage that is filling up our land and waters and 2) hard, waterproof.
    But this guy was using the word correctly, its common use before it became more widely known as the stuff mentioned in The Graduate. Our brains have plasticity, they are able to be molded and changed.
    Your brain, in God’s Hands, has plasticity. It takes proper humility to bow before God and friends and accept wisdom.
    God bless you.

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    1. Praise God that you’re able to start commenting again, Kathy! This has made my day. 🙂

      And all of what you say is true. I am at a place of contemplation with the situation. I believe it wise to simply keep an open mind about everything and see how God guides.

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