Great Gain

Sometimes, the Lord brings a passage of Scripture to mind, and it ends up answering a question that you weren’t actually asking. For instance, let’s say I’m asking God, “What are you going to do about A or B?” Then what I got by way of reply — today, anyway — was this: look up those verses about contentment and godliness (1 Timothy 6:6-8). End of message.

This Question A and Answer B model has been going on in the Bible for a long time. Consider:

  • Remember Abraham? He was called to leave his home country, and where was God telling him to go? “To the land that I will show you.” No, that’s not vague at all….
  • Let’s not forget David — the shepherd boy who was anointed king over God’s people and then was plagued by years of suffering and persecution. Did God warn David that the road ahead would be tough? No, but he and the Lord scratched their way through it, and all of the promises God made to David were fulfilled.
  • And remember Gideon? All of his hemming and hawing, talking about how unqualified he felt to lead God’s people to victory? God’s response to him was simply “Go,” and then He went on to strip the man of any sense of external security he may have had (by reducing his armed forces down to only 300) — all with no explanation.

My takeaway here is that we are supposed to do whatever the Lord tells us to do, and then trust Him to sort out the details. He will then give us our next step when and if He decides that we need it. And all of those other questions that we have? The Lord is essentially telling us, “don’t worry about it. Get back to your to-do list, and leave Me to Mine.”

In my view, the “great gain” spoken of in this verse speaks to the freedom, peace, and joy we that we can experience when we let go of any undue concern beyond our basic daily needs. This doesn’t mean that we should not share our burdens with the Lord when they arise, but we are to leave them with Him, and then redirect our energies to whatever His known will is at the time — that which He has clearly called us to do, even if we don’t feel particularly qualified to carry it out.

At any rate, that is how these verses register with me. What are your thoughts?


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