The Key

If you can believe it, this is my third attempt with this post. I had nearly finished the first draft when it simply disappeared, never to be seen again! Then the second draft never made it out of the drafts folder for some reason. 😞 Here we go for the third time:

I really needed to read these words from John Piper today. Oh, that we might place our confident trust in the Lord more than in our ever-changing circumstances!

16 thoughts on “The Key

      1. “Brothers,we are not professionals” dealing with the apathy in churches today. “5 points toward a deeper experience of Gods grace”. Piper has an incredible ability to reach inside me and look at God.

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      2. Thank you for these recommendations! I will check them out for sure. It seems like we are well on our way to having an online Christian bloggers’ book club! I am looking forward to reading these books soon, and letting you know my thoughts about them.


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