A Wonderful Gift

This passage from 2 Timothy 1 is one of my favorite life verses! It reminds me that while spiritual warfare is quite real, we can perservere through it victoriously by focusing on the truths found in God’s Word. Here are a few principles that I was able to glean from these verses today:

  • Discouragement is not of the Lord, so when that feeling begins to creep into my heart and mind, then I will do well to remember that God has already given me a transformative, three-fold gift: the spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.
  • When I feel afraid, God fills me with His power so that I have the courage to take whatever next step He has in mind for me. While He likely will not reveal the big picture to me all at once, He does promise to guide (or order) my steps each day, and will equip me with His strength so I am empowered to carry out that which He has called me to do.
  • During times of relational conflict, God amplifies His spirit of love in us — therefore, I am able to be at peace with those around me (and they with me), even when we do not see eye-to-eye on a few important matters.
  • And on the days when I want things my way and am tempted to pursue a course of human wisdom that “seems right” to me, the Lord reminds me that His spirit of self-discipline is available to me at all times — giving me His power to make wise choices, including the freedom to say “no” when my plate is already overflowing with other committments and activities.

These truths anchor my heart in gratitude, as they remind me that God’s Word alone is the “lamp for my feet” that lights the way forward as I continue walking out this path called life. 🔦

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Gift

  1. Wow, that verse packs a lot of punch! Doesn’t God give us so much? So much, that we need each other to point out what He tells each of us. He is such a God of relationships!
    I love seeing how He works in you, because it blesses me so much.

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    1. Excellent point, Kathy! Yes, He is so very generous to us.

      And I’m glad to hear that you see the Lord working in my life. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to see it, so it’s nice to hear from others. 😊

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