So the past week was filled with some unexpected surprises (although come to think of it, all surprises are unexpected, right?).

The great news is that I have continued to make progress as I heal from my comparatively minor injuries from my recent car accident. However,  I overdid things late last week, so I again have a flareup of my neck injury,  which then limits the amount of time I can spend on the computer and phone. Consequently, I have been resting.

Understand that what I’m experiencing is comparatively  minor. Again, the blessing in all of this is that my injuries have been quite mild, and that my car barely has a scratch on it it, despite it having been hit (at the speed of freeway traffic no less!).

Indeed — that is the primary thing for which I am most grateful this past week: having taking my car into the auto mechanic to see if any structural damage had been done, only to have him tell me that nothing was wrong with the vehicle at all (and he also did not charge me for his assessment). This was great news!

Also, I continue to miss everyone here on WordPress! 😥 With all that is going on, I sometimes wonder if the Lord is calling me to perhaps close this blog. However, since I have not specifically received that direction from Him, I am not going to do it. Should that change, I will certainly let you know (after all, at the rate I’m posting, I’m going to have to change the name of this blog from Daily Hopeful to Weekly Hopeful). 😅

This is where the verse from John 14 comes in handy for me this week. I was starting to feel a little discouraged, but then I heard a really good message at church this past weekend that helped me to view my problems in the proper perspective. Also, this verse reminds me that while I’m not necessarily spared from the hardships of life, I do have a choice about whether or not I allow my heart to be troubled. To me this is an important lesson.

And while I’m not sure how the New Testament Greek breaks it down, the fact that the verse says “do not let your heart be troubled” in English seems to imply (to me, anyway) that there is an element of choice in the matter.

What do you think? And what strategies do you employ to counteract discouragement in your life?


9 thoughts on “Believe

    1. Amen, Joseph! I met up with a friend the other day and we were encouraging one another in the Lord in much the same way. It’s not that our troubles go away, but rather that we are better able to sense His presence and care for us in the midst of our trials. That then turns our sorrow into joy, as you say.

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  1. I attended the baby shower of a dear sister last weekend in London. I enjoyed the trip and the responsibility of babysitting her and getting her to the venue. As we arrived, I got out of the taxi and with the many things in my hands, I watched as my phone dropped a good distance and landed face down on a manhole cover. I’m sure you know the rest of the story. My heart was troubled though I tried not to let it spoil the event. But the next day I thought and thought about why such would happen on such a joyful day, especially since this is the second phone that has cracked in such a short time. All I could do was pray in the spirit and I felt myself taking on wings and flying over the feeling of discouragement. God is in control, in the midst of the wrecks.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, so please get to the best by resting. Be sure that even if this blog becomes ‘yearly hopeful’, we’ll still be here for you 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Thank you for sharing this story, Tosin! Praise God for how you overcame your discouragement after having dropped your phone (I would have been mightily distressed had I been in your shoes).

      Thanks for your continued patience. What I miss most about being regularly on WordPress is the regular fellowship and the opportunity to experience the Lord through the posts and perspective of others. In this respect, I believe that there is an element of spiritual warfare to what I am experiencing, but like you, I am choosing to claim the victory instead! 😀

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      1. Yes! In Him, we have the victory. I know what you mean about having regular fellowship here, especially when a good part of the internet can be quite toxic. We come here and it feels like a different world entirely. Do take the time to rest though, by God’s grace, we’ll continue this fellowship.

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