Decisions, Decisions

So in order for this cartoon to make sense, you will have to have a passing knowledge of the children’s classic tune, “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo” (without such a context, this image won’t make much sense, I’m afraid).

For those who do have this understanding, I hope you can appreciate the subtle humor shown here. 😁

Have a great weekend! (and thanks to everyone for the well-wishes. Lord willing, I will get caught up on WordPress now that I am feeling some better).


18 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

    1. Thank you, Margaret! Better, but still not caught up yet. I am frustrated about being so beyind on my blog, but am recognizing that I have to release it and trust that the Lord will fully restore everything according to His timing.

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      1. Exactly and we all know how it is, although I shouldn’t speak for every body hahaha 🙂 But I do read it from every body at some point and time 🙂 The evil will try to add to that frustration too because you do so much good with your blog 🙂 It inspires, edifies, steps on toes in the best way so it doesn’t surprise me there are stumbling blocks. You have probably seen them in other areas of your life from time to time. Especially if it is doing good 🙂 So yes I have all faith that God is in control of it now, and you will feel it soon too 🙂

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      2. My goodness – it’s as if you were inside my mind and heard everything I was thinking! 🤭 I believe you must have the spiritual gift of prophecy to some extent, my friend. Thank you – much love to you! 🧡

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    1. Glad you were singing the song, Tosin! 🙂

      Yes, I am better, but am not moving quite as quickly as before. I am grateful to be improving, but humbled that I cannot quite dive back into life with quite the same vigor as before. It will come in time, but for now, I wait! I really have missed everyone here quite a bit.

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