In Peace

So I was in a minor car accident on Friday. By “minor,” I mean that the damage to me and my vehicle were fairly minimal (no broken bones, not cuts or bruises, and no significant damage to the car). Now let’s be real: I am dealing with some aches and pain, but I also know that the Lord protected me when the accident happened.

Without going into details, I was driving on the freeway at the speed of traffic when another car unexpectedly crashed into my driver’s side mirror. This all happened on a day that had already proven to be quite difficult (that is another post altogether!).

However, do you know what? Most of the impact from the accident went into the mirror (which bent back about 180 degrees following the accident), but NOT into me, or to the more vulnerable parts of the car.

I also had a strong sense that my eleven-year-old vehicle was fine. After making calls to my mechanic, my auto insurance company, and my doctor, I had a deep assurance that my car was fine, and that I would recover well — so long as I rested and took things slowly.

When I later surveyed the damage to the car, I observed that there was a small scratch on the mirror, and a couple of light scratches on the door, but that was it! I was greatly relieved. From that point on, I have been resting at home — only leaving briefly on Sunday to run an errand.

And the pain did come, and it lingers still. However, I sense that much of this is post-accident aches, and that they will eventually subside in time. I refuse to believe that I will be down for the count for very long, and I have not let myself feel discouraged, either. This too will pass!

So, I am grateful that the Lord and His angels granted me safe passage home on that day, and protected my car, my health, and my state of mind. Now I must continue making wise choices — a lot of rest and going slow — essentially, doing my part to cooperate with whatever lesson the Lord has me to learn from the experience.

In fact, the Lord brought this verse from Psalm 4 to my mind this morning. While my body is still recovering, my mind and heart are very much “in peace” — and that is a blessing! ✝️

FYI, will still be blogging, but will be doing so very slowly (due to neck/back issues). Thanks for your continued patience with me — I’ll get caught up eventually!


19 thoughts on “In Peace

      1. Yes indeed — I would dare to say that most of the battles that we face each day are largely unseen (and unknown) by us.

        The image that comes to my mind is the earth and the atmospheric layer that protects us. Without it, we would not be able to survive — the weather would be too extreme, we would be exposed to toxic fumes that would inhibit our ability to breathe, and random debris from the heavens could fall to earth at any time and take us out. But we have the atmosphere, which shields us from much of this, in ways we still do not understand.

        In a much more substantial way, this is how I see the Lord. He surrounds us with His protection, and keeps us safe in ways we’ll never fully understand on this side of eternity.

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      2. It’s okay. Not as difficult as it might seem. We were experiencing a lot of unplanned damages and I felt in my spirit that it was one of those battles we needed to take a stand on. It helps to have the right perspective, and I thank God that He gave it to us. So far, we’re at peace, He is in control.

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