Living Right

Wise words, don’t you think? I wonder what this quote might look like in action —when we try to live it out each day. 💡  The words may be simple, but living them out each day may be more challenging than we may at first have believed.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Living Right

  1. Considering that (in my opinion), our concept of time may have nothing to do with God’s reality, this quote may be more accurate than we know.
    God calls us to the harvest, He tells us that we do not know the times, and to be ready. We are to obey.

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    1. I had not thought about the quote in this way, but you make a good point. We are to be expectant, prepared, and active in the Lord’s service, as tomorrow is dearly hoped for, but not promised to any of us.

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