Peace of God

So yesterday had a rough start, but ended on a good note — praise God! Without going into details, someone was not honoring my boundaries, and tried to manipulate me into doing what she wanted, rather than what I needed. Simply put, the woman was not honest, lacked integrity, and sorely underestimated my strength. Essentially, a bait-and-switch had occurred, and I could tell right away that things were not right.

When I realized what had happened (my peace was starting to ebb away — never a good sign!), I promptly notified the woman and told her that the situation was not working for me. I calmly explained the bait-and-switch scenario, and then informed her that I would be leaving. She was surprised, but did not disagree with anything I said or try to stop me from leaving — she knew what she had done was wrong. So, I left there with my dignity in place, and my head held high.

I have learned that when the peace of God starts to fade in my heart and mind, then I need to take swift action! And the Lord is faithful — whenever someone tries to lie to or manipulate me, He ALWAYS reveals the person’s character and motive fairly early on.

I will not trade in my peace for anything. My prayer yesterday was this simple verse, and it worked! I believe that I did the wise thing, and as I left there, God’s peace began to return to my heart. About fifteen minutes later, everything was completely fine.

There is no job, relationship, or opportunity that is worth losing your peace. Choose instead to trust God and His provision, rather than staying in an unhealthy situation.

Here is my simple prayer:

I thank You, Lord, for Your protective hand on my life yesterday. Thank You for opening my eyes and showing me what the real issue was, and what my next step needed to be. I also thank You for giving me wisdom to leave that situation, trusting that You will always protect me and take the very best care of me. Thank You for allowing Your peace to return to my heart, and allowing my day to end on a much more positive note! May I seek to do Your will in every aspect of my life. In Your name I pray, amen.


13 thoughts on “Peace of God

  1. Very excellent message dailyhopeful!
    I ongoing pray for you too.

    You did the right thing in your decision, and I am thankful that you shared your experience, it is an encouragement to the rest of us who will face that same situation that you faced.

    Lord bless you.

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    1. Again, I thank you, Lee, for your encouragement and prayer support. It’s funny in a way — I feel as if I have met you and Melissa already!

      Do you let me know if you have any updated prayer requests, my friend. 🙂 Otherwise, I will continue to pray that you both settle in well to your new home and community.

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      1. Thank you so much for your kindness dailythankful. Just yesterday I was talking to Melissa about you, and we value your prayers very much.
        I have been busy moving our stuff out of storage into our new home. And I’m very sick. I don’t know if it’s the flu or what, but I’m hurtin. 🤧
        And we have found small areas where mold is in the house, (it had been sitting for a long time).
        So would you please pray for my health and for the mold to go away?

        And I am happy to pray for you as well sister. And also, if you have any special prayer requests for me to pray for you as well.
        (Currently, I’m praying for your certification, and for God to help you with your work, and any life struggles that you have).

        God bless you sister.

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      2. Lee, I am only just now seeing this! 😢 I apologize. How are you feeling, and is there an update on the mold situation? I had a mold issue in my apartment years ago, and it made me feel quite ill. Thankfully it has long since been fixed.

        Thanks for your prayers. I will transfer to a new certification program in August, and I believe God will provide for the costs. As far as work goes, I have gone through three interviews for a job that I really like — I should find out next week whether or not I got it. In the meantime, I am still doing some contract work, but things are a little tight financially, but I am getting through it by God’s grace!

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      3. Thank you for your kindness dailythankful.

        I prayed for you this mornin, and I haven’t forgotten your struggles, and will continue to pray for you.

        God bless you!

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  2. “I will not trade in my peace for anything.”
    When Jesus is your peace, you cannot give Him up. I admire your cool-headed response; that allowed God to work in you, rather than hot-headed flesh. It’s amazing what God can show us when He is our peace.

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