Spell Check

It’s so important to run spell check on our work, no? All it takes is one or two letters out of place, and if we’re not careful, we suddenly have Santa — and his signature candy cane — making a surprising cameo appearance in a familiar New Testament story. 🎄🤭

Have a wonderful weekend!



14 thoughts on “Spell Check

      1. When I first published my book, I realized afterwards that several times I had written “angles” when I meant “angels.” It was so embarrassing because I had sent about 100 books out to all my family and extended family and it had that error in it. I fixed it after that, but there are a bunch of people who have the original copy that says “an angle appeared at the end of the hallway” instead of an “angel appeared.” Big difference in words! 🙂 God bless!

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      1. And so this experience has happen to me. My director completely forgot to read the timesheets correctly, and she missed a time. 😑 luckily I caught it and adjusted to send to payroll. 🤓

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