Fan or Follower?

This is such a powerful verse! Jesus tells us to take up our crosses and to follow Him, but the world says something quite different. Somehow our society has gotten things twisted — even within the household of faith — as we are laying down our crosses in droves, and instead politely informing Jesus (by our words and actions) that He is meant to follow us. Our plans. Our goals. Our feelings. Right?

Wrong. No, we are to surrender all and follow Him, and in so doing we may have to shoulder some unpleasant burdens along the way. However, while the journey may have its challenges from time to time, our ultimate destination is well worth it in the end! ↗️

And if this post strikes a chord in your heart (as it has with mine), thrn feel free to join me in prayer:

Dear Jesus,

I desire to follow You, rather than being some fair-weather fan who is satisfied with knowing about You from a great distance. I know that life can be very difficult at times, and the temptation to lay down my cross each day is often very great. However, I want to go wherever You are headed, as I’m completely and utterly lost without You otherwise. Strengthen my resolve to always follow You — come what may — trusting that wherever You lead is always the best path for me to follow. In Your name I pray, amen.



18 thoughts on “Fan or Follower?

  1. Sadly, this is creeping into our church. 😕 We must use the eyes that Jesus gives us to see, use the Spirit’s discernment. Sometimes it is so hard to follow hard; but if we keep our eyes on the prize (Phil 3.14), we can see and follow our rich rewards in Christ.

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    1. I see it creeping in everywhere — not just at church (sadly, it is there as well — are we there to truly worship or simply be entertained?). It’s all about where (and on Whom) we focus our energy and attention, as you note, that makes all the difference!

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  2. Amen God lead me where you need me. Have your way Lord. Thy will be done. Even if I have to stand alone in following you, give me the strengthen to stand and continually praise you. Glory Hallelujah

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