Love Your Enemy

Challenging words from Proverbs 25, don’t you think? How much simpler life would be if the Bible encouraged us to retaliate against those who harm us; however, it does a 180 and directs us to actually show kindness and compassion to those who persecute us, even when we feel that they don’t deserve it.

To me, these verses imply that showing kindness and mercy to those who have hurt us (with appropriate and healthy boundaries, of course) may be more impactful than we at first realize. After all, it’s nearly impossible to ignore burning coals on one’s head, no? Some people find kindness and genuine concern to be quite disarming, usually because it is so unexpected and generous. Such is God’s regard for us — surely we should be among the first to pay this blessing forward, so to speak.

Finally, there appears to be a reward from God that attends to those who model such behavior. And while we don’t know what specifically is meant by “reward,” we can trust in the eternal goodness of the Lord and believe that His rewards — whether received now or on the other side of eternity — are always the very best.

To be honest, while I find these verses to be valuable and instructive, they’re also often very difficult to follow at times — even with God’s help. 🤭

What do you think?


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