In His Hand

What an assurance it has been to rest my cares and concerns in the hand of God. Last week was not without its challenges, and I found myself focused quite intently on my circumstances, and started to feel anxious. However, I soon realized that that approach (fear, worry, and analysis paralysis) wasn’t serving me well at all.

I remember asking the Lord to help me change my perspective and fill me with His peace (regardless of the circumstances) before going to bed one night, and awaking the next day with that very peace within my heart and mind. In fact, this genuine contentedness carried me through the balance of the week. Then, our pastor preached a sermon on the importance of letting go of the things that interfere with our relationship with the Lord, and I knew that the message was meant for me.

So I am 100% completely depending on the Lord in every area of my life, but this is day-by-day thing for sure. And it’s not easy, either, as I neither know nor understand the specifics of what He is doing in my life. However, I do know that He is in charge of it, and I am relying upon Him as I have never before done.

And perhaps that was the point, now that I think about it. After all, as this excerpt from Psalm 31 indicates, my times are in His hand! (and once placed there, who can take me out of His tender grasp? Answer: No one)


4 thoughts on “In His Hand

  1. Love it! ❤
    I had one of my can’t-sleep nights last night. (These have more to do with health issues and hormones.) But as I went to bed, having watched some TV prior, I was unsettled. Church yesterday was unsettled. Our nation is unsettled. These feelings got me down: where is our country going? How can we continue to poison ourselves with our air, food, and water? How can we continue to pop pills and other medications (which may or may not be a remedy for what ails us) at younger and younger ages, and not have entire generations negatively affected in their health and minds? Look what the media feeds us: how can our culture not spiral downward until we are overthrown by who-knows-what?
    I kept reminding myself that God knows all and is still in as much control as He always has been, and always will be. We are bringing much suffering upon ourselves, and my heart grieves. However, it has always been so. We are, indeed, in God’s Hands: our times, our personal and cultural lives, our spiritual lives.
    Praise Him!

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    1. Amen, Kathy! I too did not sleep well on Sunday night (restless) — I hope you were able to enjoy better rest on Monday night.

      And it sure seems like things in our world continue to spiral out of control, no? Yet even then — much like in the book of Revelation — God is at work fulfilling His good plan. So I concur with you — He is most worthy of praise, and most deserving of our trust, too. 🧡

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