The World Within

I really like this quote from Warren Wiersbe. I think it’s important to differentiate acceptance from resignation — they are not the same!

Acceptance reminds me that I can only manage myself, rather than others; resignation, in contrast, is marked by an absence of hope (and assumes that things are unlikely change).

And while we cannot change or control the world around us, we certainly can discover hope and peace anew when we place our focus on He who dwells within us (the only true path to peace!). 💡


9 thoughts on “The World Within

    1. Thank you, Lee. Your comment struck me, however — I suppose I never really thought of my blog as helping others. I am touched and honored that you believe that to be true (for this post, at least). To God be the glory in this and all things.

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      1. It’s definitely true that your posts/your thoughts help us, because God is working through you for our good.

        Many a time your posts of encouragement has been a bright spot in a miserable moment for me.

        We all have our place in the body, and they’re all important to one another.

        And yours is no exception sister. 🤠

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      2. Thank you for these profoundly encouraging words, Lee. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep on with the blogging — your post reminds me that until God says otherwise, I am to keep at it!

        May the Lord fill you with His joy and peace — now and always. ✝️

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  1. Very important distinctions, indeed!
    Thoughts not parallel to yours, but tangent: I was reading this morning in Matthew 7.1-6, about not judging, and don’t try to take the mote out of your brother’s eye before you take the beam out of your own eye. I see that we don’t have clear vision when we have a “mote” in our eye – it’s the sin that blurs our thinking and reasoning. We cannot look at others (or the world around us) clearly, if we view through the curtain of our own sin. We cannot change ourselves unless we see clearly. When we remove the mote (when we bow in repentance before our Lord, and allow Him to cleanse us), our perspective of ourselves and the world changes. We see, in an obvious fashion, that we are responsible for our obedience; and that God controls the world around us. We must leave God’s work for God. AND, He uses us to do His work!

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