No Greater Name

Isn’t it fascinating (and reassuring) to know that nothing — and no one — can thwart the purposes of God? Sure, we may experience a delay or detour from time to time, but He cannot be stopped. That which the Lord speaks into existence will happen (it’s simply a matter of time!). 🕑

This verse from Job 42 greatly encouraged me, and I simply wanted to pass the blessing along to any who may wish to receive it. 🧡


8 thoughts on “No Greater Name

  1. I was reading a current events Christian commentary this morning and mulling over so many tragic events and scary goings-on. As I talked with God about it, it occurred to me that time, for God, is not the same as time for us. God is eternal. For Him, everything that we’re waiting for has already happened / will happen / is happening. To Him, it’s all one. It is finished. He controlled the outcome, He knows all, and He has declared it good. He gets the glory.

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    1. Yep, you hit the nail on the head there, Kathy. 🔨

      Interestingly, we were talking about this at Bible study this evening. We can get so caught up in the bad things happening in the world today that we forget that God has ALREADY worked out the end from the beginning – He’s just letting history play out itself out. How He manages that with free will and everything just blows my mind. 🙂

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