So for this week’s gratitude post, I am most thankful for an unexpected day of rest that I was able to take (and was much-needed, apparently).

One of the pitfalls of working as a contractor is the inconsistency of the working hours. One day, you’re practically rushed off of your feet with busyness, and the next day, things are so quiet you can practically hear a pin drop. As I observe that my assignment is coming to an end (unless God says differently), I am choosing to use the free time in ways that promote good self-care.

Honestly, I didn’t do too much that day, except rest and then get some routine lab work done. Until that point, I had not realized how cumulatively exhausted I was — mostly in my mind (so much thinking!). So, since that day, I’ve been doing what I can to give my mind a break, and find some simple activities that help me to unwind. Here are a few from my list — I’m curious to hear about yours, too:

▪️I enjoy improvisational cooking. Not the formal, cookbook-variety fare (although there is a place for that), but rather coming up with a tasty gluten-free and vegan meal based on what I have on-hand. Today, I made a lovely vegetable casserole, and the other day, I threw together some tasty veggie tacos and burritos. While I like the creativity of impromptu cooking, I also enjoy formal classes, and am looking forward to my session at Sur La Table later this month!

▪️ A relaxing round of Solitaire (the card game) is quite soothing as well. I think I enjoy it so because the rules are simple, and it requires me to think just enough to keep it interesting, but not too much to make things taxing.

▪️ Ironically, I enjoy playing strategy games (the ones requiring a lot of thought), because I get to play them with other friends. I find that the occasional game night is the perfect way to unwind (and laugh!) after a long day.

▪️ I just bought a big word search book, and am committing to doing one per night (before bed). I like the feeling of satisfaction I get knowing that I found all the words — or most of them, anyway. 🙂

▪️ Singing helps me to relax, too. Nothing fancy — I just sing (or hum) along with KLOVE or one of my Spotify playlists. It’s hard to sing and be stressed out at the same time — try it!

Finally, I selected this Bible verse for a reason: we need more than food in order to make it in this world! We all need rest, and time to simply relax by engaging in soothing activities. The past week certainly wasn’t easy, but I’m grateful that I was able to stop and rest when my mind and body so clearly needed it. I hope you can do the same this week! 🧡


7 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. How lovely that you made such good use of scheduled rest time. Just reading your post relaxed me.
    I enjoy cooking, as you do. Singing is healthy for the vagus nerve (important for gastrointestinal and sensory organs).
    And mindless work is, I think, important to incorporate. We can be busy at a task, keeping our hands occupied with meaningful work; at the same time, our minds are able to contemplate, discuss with God, mull, and create ideas and solutions. When I was a special ed teacher, we got a good shredder. We collected documents from all over the district and provided a confidential shredding service. It was good work for my students; however, I sometimes sat myself down in the shredding chair on an afternoon after the students and aides had gone, and fed papers into the teeth. It was mesmerizing and soothing, and good for body and mind.

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    1. That is the truth, Kathy — there is something about a simple task that frees up the mind (and you’ve got me thinking I should purchase a shredder now!). And I did not know that singing literally helps the body. 🙃

      I find that folding the laundry or doing the dishes can bring about a similar effect — especially if I’m singing, too! 🎶

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    1. Been praying for you, Tiffany. 🧡 And yes, self-care is important! Jesus modeled it for us, too (getting away to the mountains to pray by Himself). I’m trying to remember to take good care of myself, too. We can be accountability partners!

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