Powerful + Effective

Another great verse from the book of James. Indeed, our prayers are powerful and effective (for righteous men and righteous women). May I never forget to ask the Lord for His help and guidance in my life — even in the things that seem to be fairly small and inconsequential. After all, from God’s perspective, pretty much everything is “small,” don’t you think?

And I’m reminded here that not only is prayer a really healthy spiritual discipline to maintain, but it can also yield results. 🙂 Note that James uses the words “powerful” and “effective”. It’s funny sometimes — we pray, and then when the Lord answers our prayers, we are so often surprised (then again, maybe it’s just me!).

So I don’t have a specific prayer to share here this week — rather, I thought it helpful to pass along this important reminder for all of us. After all, anyone can pray, and at any time. No fancy words are needed! We can talk to God, and trust that He hears us (and even answers back sometimes — often in very unexpecteed way). This is a source of great encouragement for me, and I hope that this reminder from James provides some peace and solace to you, too.

James 5.16

6 thoughts on “Powerful + Effective

    1. Me too. We can be confident and assertive in our prayers (so long as our motivations are right and we are seeking His will(, but fully obedient and submittted to the One to whom we are praying. ✝️


  1. Also to consider: prayer is simply talking with God, not just asking for things. It is a powerful thing, indeed, to listen to the voice of Almighty God, to converse with Him. It is effective in that it changes us to become more like Christ. That is why we may, as God commands through Paul, pray continually, to converse with God throughout our day, to bring all things to Him. When we read His Word and know it, then we may also listen to Him always, and filter all things through His Voice, our Holy Spirit. As we live our lives this way, God changes our world through us.

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    1. Well said, Kathy. Prayer should mostly be seeking the mind and heart of the Lord. However, when we do ask for things — in His will, according to His timing and wisdom — we can do so with confidence and not trepidation.

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