A Good Life

And just like that, I’m 43. The years certainly seem to be whizzing by these days. I don’t feel 43, but I suppose I’m officially middle-aged now! 🙂

This realization brought me to this verse in James 3. I’m at the point in my journey where a life well-lived and imbued with purpose means far more to me than the acquisition of status or things (although there is nothing wrong with these things in and of themselves — they just cannot take center stage in my life).

With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I desire to pursue a “good life” as laid out here in James 3:13 — one characterized by actions (“works”) that are motivated by wisdom, and marked by gentleness. Not that I’m being passive, but rather where my words and actions are anchored in biblical discernment. Put another way, it’s where I seek God’s view on a matter first — and I may not always get it right, but I am trying to learn whatever it is He desires to teach me.

I had written something else to add here, but I sensed the Spirit guiding me not to share it. Instead, I will leave you to ponder James’s words, and to ask yourself the following question:

What does a life well-lived — a “good life” — look like for you?



32 thoughts on “A Good Life

  1. Happy birthday to you my friend dailyhopeful. 🤠 43 years is a very good age to be, for just about anything you want to pursue in life. So more power to ya in whatever makes you joyful.
    You know, I believe that any life that reflects Jesus is a life that has fulfilled its purpose to the greatest extent possible.

    God bless you my friend.

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  2. It was about that time in my life where I realized to lay up treasures in Heaven instead of worrying about living the good life here and now (not that I was a partier but just wanted the good life like a home and big bank account rather than completely dedicate my life to Christ).

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  3. The worlds view, a life well-lived would be loads of money, fancy cars, expensive clothes and jewelry. Materialistic riches, I thought m, would exemplify the good life.
    But now knowing about Christ, I’m just happy to be alive each day. I’m happy knowing God has a plan for me. I’m happy knowing I was made for a purpose. I’m happy to know, when love abandoned me in the past, God never stopped to love me. And because now I’m walking with Christ, I feel God’s love surround me, work in me, and through me. I want to know more of God and be where He needs me to be. Serving others, taught me to love, and to show others who God really is.
    Plus, you my friend, are an inspiration. Wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for God. I wish you an amazing Birthday! May God bring you many of the surprises He has been working on. I pray He bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine. God show out in her life. 🙏🏼🙌🏼

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  4. Ah, 43… those are prime years, young ‘un! 😊 Blessed birthday to you!
    “A good life” has such differing connotations depending on perspective. Worldly standards depict material “stuff,” control, friends. God’s perspective is the true perspective, and He details that in your verse, along with many others. And our own perspective? I guess that depends on where we stand with God.

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    1. Glad to know that I am entering my “prime” (finally!). 🙂 Thank you kindly for the birthday well-wishes.

      And your last sentence on la bella vita is quite poignant. Truth does not change — where we position ourselves relative to God’s standard is what life (for good or bad) is all about. 💡

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