Fullness of Joy!

Sometimes, when life gets hard, we can forget that it is possible to still have joy in the midst of our topsy-turvy circumstances. However, it is definitely possible — we simply have to remember to ask for God’s help. And while it doesn’t necessarily mean that things will get better immediately, we are able to enjoy unfettered access to the joy and peace that the Lord promises to us, regardless of our circumstances.

I once heard someone say that joy works from the inside out, but that happiness travels from the outside in. Happiness is fleeting, while joy is a perspective that we choose to walk in each day. With God’s help, may we all be filled with His joy and peace, and shine His light from the inside out. ☀️

Will you pray with me?

Dear Jesus, thank You for walking with me each and every day, and for granting me access to Your joy and peace whenever I need them. Remind me that I can choose joy each day, focusing on the joy-filled fullness of contentment, rather than on the emptiness of what (or who) seems to be missing from my life.

In all things, remind me that I can access Your joy and peace at any time — whenever I pause long enough to remember that I am always in Your presence, and that You are the only Friend out there who sticks closer than a brother (or a sister). Thank You, Lord! Amen.


15 thoughts on “Fullness of Joy!

  1. When I’m unhappy, you can heap feelings of being ungrateful to it. And apologize to Him first for being so ungrateful especially after all He has done, and will do for me. Then I ask for help getting out of the emotional mire I’m in. Sometimes if I can’t manage or just don’t know what’s wrong all I can do is repeat over and over, thank You God, I love You LORD.

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    1. So true! I like your choice of word (“kicker”). Admittedly, I have been struggling with this today, but with God’s help, I’ll soon release everything to Him (where it belongs, anyway) and not try to snatch my concerns back out of His hands!

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