God at Work (FFT #5)

Ah, yes — the familiar words of Romans 8:28! So familiar, in fact, that we almost lose grasp of their import. Here are my key takeaways:

▪️God is always at work.

▪️God is at work in all things.

▪️God is at work in all things for my ultimate good; however, “all things” are not necessarily good.

The first two points are true for everyone, but the last point only pertains to those who do what the rest of the verse states: We love God, and are called according to His purposes. So here are my Food for Thought (FFT) questions that surfaced in my mind this week — feel free to share your thoughts to them as well, if you like:

▪️How does the Bible define “good”?

▪️How do we recognize and know the purpose(s) of God?

▪️Are we still enough in our hearts and minds to hear (and respond to) the voice of the Lord when He calls?



8 thoughts on “God at Work (FFT #5)

  1. Amen, awesome questions! The Lord definitely knows what we need and the good He does for us is for our blessing and growth in Him. Even when things are bad, we can trust that the Lord will work it out so we receive the good things that we need. Not necessarily what we want, but what we need. God bless!

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  2. The Bible says that everything that God created is good (Genesis Ch 1, 1 Tim 4.4). I think God is still creating and making, so that working for the good of those who love Him means He is still working to draw us to Him, to His ways, His desires. As we know Him more and more (through His Spirit and reading His Word and communing with other Christians), we discern His voice more perfectly.
    I like your key takeaways. 😊

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