17 thoughts on “Heart Center

      1. Very true, Tiffany. If we’re not careful, we can focus only on “I can do all things,” rather than the “through Christ who strengthens me” part! It is quite a battle between the flesh and the spirit, as you say.

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      2. That is true! I think Proverbs 2 says it well (I think that’s the chapter, at any rate) – we are to mine God’s Word as if we were seeking after precious stones! His truths usually require some initiative on our part in order to encounter them (the pages of my Bible will not open and read themselves, after all!).

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    1. Very true. My personal view is that if there is anything that *He* believes is getting in the way of our relationship with Him, then it’s just a matter of time before He takes it away. Far better to not let the other things creep into His territory to begin with!

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    1. Exactly! It’s as if we took our eyes off of the steering wheel of our lives for just a moment, and the car suddenly started to drift into another lane. We simply have to recognize the drift, correct our course, and keep going! ✝️

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