Grace Upon Grace

This past week, the Lord again intervened in my life in an unexpectedly dramatic way, and I am grateful! Allow me to explain:

I needed to go into the office last week to meet with someone, and so had to drive the 25 or so miles (one way) from my apartment to my place of work. It had been raining on and off that day, and when I headed out that afternoon, I was sure to bring my umbrella with me – just in case. 🌂

Sure enough, it began to rain in earnest about an hour later. I was on my way to another appointment, and was grateful that I had brought my umbrella! Otherwise, I would have been soaked to the gills.

However, as I began my drive back home, I realized with some trepidation that one of my windshield wipers was beginning to fall apart! 😬 This was during an extremely heavy time of rain, and I still had another 25 miles or so to drive home. I wasn’t sure that my windshield wiper would make it, and was concerned about my safety – particularly during such a heavy downpour.

Naturally, I prayed for God’s protection, but I knew that I had to replace my windshield wipers ASAP. So I asked the Lord to grant me safe passage back home – or at least to the car dealership near my apartment, so I could get what I needed.

While driving in such conditions was not a pleasant experience, there were some lessons I learned along the way: I passed the scene of an accident on my way home, and was alarmed to smell fuel as I drove past (and to see a huge spray of automotive debris scattered along the highway). Concerned, I dialed 911 — hands-free! Safety first — to report the accident and to express my alarm at the smell and the potential danger stemming from it. The dispatcher was grateful for the call, and said that emergency personnel were en route to the scene. Who knows? Perhaps God had me there for such a specific purpose.

Once I got past the accident, I called my automotive dealership to see if I could get my windshield wipers replaced.  The person I usually deal with was away from her desk, and so I got routed to the parts department. I explained my situation about the windshield wipers, and asked if any matching my car (which is no longer made) were available. The cheerful man on the other end of the phone told me not to worry, and to head on in — and that’s what I did.

My windshield wipers barely hung on, but I made it safely to the dealership (thank the Lord).  Once I arrived, I walked right into the parts department and asked for help. Another man was there to help me, and he not only had windshield wipers ready for my car, but he took the time to actually install them for me! I was grateful. But there’s more:

The woman who usually helps me had returned to her desk by the time I made it to the dealership. She knows that I work part time, and usually goes out of her way to make sure that I get a discount whenever my car is serviced, which I appreciate. Anyway, that day was no exception, and she made sure that I was not charged for anything other than the wipers themselves (no labor charges).

I decided that it would be good to chat for a little while and make my next appointment with her, since I would be due for oil change in the next month or so. In talking with her, she disclosed to me that she had taken ill suddenly the previous week and had to go to the emergency room. While there, it was discovered that she needed to have major surgery in the next few weeks. As I understand it, her prognosis is favorable in the long term, but she definitely has to have the surgery ASAP. When I heard this, I told her that I’d be praying for her, and gave her a hug. She then gave me her mobile phone number so we could stay in touch, as I expressed concern about her health (all thoughts about the oil change had long since passed). As I left the dealership, I sent her a text message letting her know that I would be praying for her, and she replied right away, expressing her gratitude.

And this all happened because of some messed up windshield wipers. Who could’ve ever imagined how the day would have unfolded?? We serve a God of grace. He gave me grace to get home, and He orchestrated things so that I was able to not only get my windshield wipers, but I also learned that somebody I care about was dealing with health issues. Now I can pray for her (and I’ve already put her name in my prayer app)..

Yes indeed, God gives us grace upon grace. More than we deserve, but I am grateful for it nonetheless!


18 thoughts on “Grace Upon Grace

  1. There are so many opportunities for us to share God’s love and compassion with others. He always seems to put us in the right place at the right time.

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