Divine Protection

For this week’s gratitude post, I find that I am most thankful for God’s protection – quite literally! On two different times (within as many days), I was miraculously spared from being rear-ended while driving.

The first time, I was driving home on the freeway, and traffic came to a stop. My car slowed down in plenty of time, but the driver behind me must not have been paying attention, because that car nearly hit me. I remember looking in my rear-view mirror and thinking, “I’m going to get hit,” but then there was no impact! I know it was a miracle, because the other driver was thisclose to my car, yet did not hit me.

The second episode occurred on Saturday, when I was out running errands (not on the freeway this time). The car in front of me stopped suddenly, and I braked in time. The driver behind me clearly had not anticipated this abrupt stop, because she had a panicked look on her face as I glanced in the rear-view mirror. Again, I braced for the impact, but – you guessed it – the crash never happened.

Two miracles in two days! I am beyond grateful to God for keeping me safe (and the other drivers, too), as well as the reminder for me to always drive defensively. I thank and praise the Lord for His tender care and protection! 🧡✝️


18 thoughts on “Divine Protection

  1. Crikey, twice in two days! Stay safe out there! The area where I live is terrible for traffic — often people just go straight through red lights and generally drive incredibly recklessly. I say a prayer for safety every time I leave my flat (I’m not joking!). Have a good week!

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  2. Amen! In 2 days, God even gave you peace about it. Yes, I’m glad He protected the other drivers, too. Before meeting Jesus, I might have had choice words for such an occasion. But now, like you I am grateful for Gods protection both physically and spiritually. I’m so glad you are safe.


  3. It’s wonderful that you are able to so quickly and clearly see God’s Hand in your protection. I pray those thoughts were in the other drivers’ minds, as well.
    Your careful driving reminds me of Tosin’s recent series on being intentional, and our conversation within that of being mindful.

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    1. Thank you, and that is very true. I once heard someone say something similar – that we really have no idea the extent to which God protects us (particularly with our health)! Our immune system protects us from so many things, and we’ll never really know quite how much. I suppose God is our spiritual Immune System, in a way. 🙂

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    1. An excellent point, and oh so true! It sort of reminds me of the role that the atmosphere plays around our planet – without it, we couldn’t survive, and we’d be inundated with celestial debris (and never mind the heat from the sun and UV light) day and night! God is our Protector and Shield in every sense of the words.

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