The Next Thing

I love this quote by Oswald Chambers, and really needed to read these words today! In my desire to plan/control my life, I have to remember to hold things loosely (or release them altogether), trust God, and then do whatever “next thing” He places before me.

And it’s really just as simple (but not necessarily easy) as that! ✝️


9 thoughts on “The Next Thing

  1. I am learning that faith is a life-long lesson. I know to look to God, I know to be obedient. I can look back in my life and pick out the awful parts; they all came about because I either didn’t know the Lord at the time (nor did those surrounding me), or, since I’ve become a Christian, because I did not act in faith. It’s when I don’t follow God’s leading, when I allow my own desires to become stronger than obedience to God, that I fall and suffer.
    Trust God, indeed; the next thing is obedience.

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    1. It sounds like you have a good perspective on the Christian journey – either we stray out of ignorance or fear (sometimes both!), apart from the Holy Spirit, but when we focus on the Lord, we can rest under the wing of His providence and tender care. Remember that song, “Trust and Obey”? I reckon that is all God asks us to do, really.

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