One Year On

So I forgot to acknowledge that this blog made it past its one-year mark (back in November – I mentioned it in passing, but wanted to express my thoughts more fully now). Thanks to each of you for stopping by! I am grateful for your faithfulness – some of you read this blog daily, which still amazes me! – your friendship and prayers, and the wonderful, God-given talents that you showcase regularly here on WordPress. You are a blessing, and you remind me to remain consistent and trusting in my walk with the Lord.


I thought I’d honor the (admittedly belated) one-year anniversary by sharing some of my favorite images that I’ve posted here from 2018, presented in a brief slideshow format below. This is not an exhaustive collection – just a handful of images that capture the essence of the blog, in my view. I hope you enjoy them!

Here’s to another year, Lord willing! 🧡


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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