With Gratitude

As I reflect on the past week (and year!), I am filled with gratitude to God for getting me through 2018. Also, through series of unexpected ups and downs, I believe that I have learned some valuable life lesssons, and – by God’s grace – have hopefully continued to grow and mature in important ways.

Of course, the journey is far from over, but I’m filled with gratitude to have made it thusfar on the path that has been set before me. After all, take a moment and look around – not everyone who began his/her journey at the start of 2018 is here to finish it! Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so as I mentioned in an earlier post, we must treasure each day that God gives us as a gift – even when doing so may not be easy.

So best wishes to you for a new year filled with peace, contentment, and joy – even in the midst of the storms of life. God bless you all! Yes, may the Lord continue to “satisfy” each “thirsty soul,” reading this, and fill his/her “hungry soul with what is good.” God bless you! ⭐️


4 thoughts on “With Gratitude

  1. It is in our hard times that we learn the most and come the closest to our Heavenly Beloved.

    That is why it is a blessing to go through them even though they are painful and difficult, they are a blessing.

    When we have a grateful heart the Lord opens our eyes to all the blessings He bountifully showers upon us every day. That makes for a beautiful life

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    1. It sure does. We appreciate the sunshine all the more after the rain has come; however, without rain, everything around us would be dry and not very useful.

      The Lord knows what He is doing!


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