I thought I’m simply share an encouraging Bible verse today – a passage from Isaiah 40. I like the connection between having hope in God, and the fact that – when we keep our focus in the right place – our strength can be renewed. This is important because it reminds me that when my natural human strength waxes and wanes, there is a Source where I can go who will give me what I need to perservere.

And apparently, what He provides is more than enough – such that I can soar like an eagle. That is quite a statement! Clearly, I will never be able to bypass the trials and tribulations of life, but given this renewed strength, I am equipped to perservere victoriously through them.

This truth gives me comfort and hope. I hope it does the same for you as well!

Isaiah 40.31

17 thoughts on “Renewal

    1. I hear you. I too experience the delayed reaction with the latching, as you put it, but when it does finally come, it is a blessing!

      Truly, this Christian life is not easy, but at least we never have to go through it alone. And there is our comfort.

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      1. Our comfort, indeed! We are never alone with God; and He sends us other people like you and other bloggers, as well as friends, neighbors, and family. May we ever embrace whoever He sends to us in our need.

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  1. Thank you for quoting one of my favorites; one of our Scripture tunes. If you would like, I can send a link. Air in Your Wings is a future post based on this verse. Isn’t it wonderful that in His presence and power in Christ, He raises us above the cares of this world? Thankful for you; blessings in Him.

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    1. Well said, Frances, and amen! ✝️ Your comment made me smile. God is good!

      And pleade do send over the song, If you wouldn’t mind. I would love to hear it. If you like, you can reach me through my blog’s Contact page, or email me directly at dailyhopefulblog at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing the song! 💛

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