So I have been learning the importance of savoring the small things of life that make me smile and bring joy – because, at the end of the day, they really are the “big things” – the things that truly matter.

Something heart-warming happened to me at the grocery store recently, reminding me that there are still plenty of good-natured people in the world. You see, I was deep in the produce section sorting through the Yukon potatoes when a man approached me with a pod of garlic in his hand, and a confused look on his face. Admittedly, I was intrigued.

”Excuse me,” he said, “but do you know if this is a clove of garlic? I’m doing some cooking, and I don’t want to get too much. How much is a clove?”

I let him know that I thought he was holding a pod of garlic, but that the little pieces on the inside were the actual cloves, but I was a little wobbly in my reply. You see, I don’t use garlic much, but I was now concerned that this man get the right amount of garlic for his recipe.

We paused. Then he sighed in resignation and said, “I’ll Google it.”

I thought that a wise proposition, so I took out my phone. According to my web research, what the man was holding in his hand was a bulb of garlic, and the little pieces inside of it were the actual cloves.

His face brightened, and we discussed the fact that he likely only needed to buy one garlic bulb, rather than the four “cloves” (read: bulbs) he had planned to throw into his shopping cart.

We then parted ways, yet somehow met up again in the vicinity of the tortilla chips and popcorn.

”We meet again!” he exclaimed, with joy and great humor. I returned his cheerful greeting, feeling as though I had met up with an old friend quite unexpectedly. We parted ways with a smile, and with the realization that we will likely never see one another again.

Regardless, I found myself smiling on the inside (and on the outside, too) at a man who took his cooking so seriously! I’ve never seen anyone look so grave while pondering a vegetable, but he also was full of joy and warmth, too.

As I checked out and headed to my car, I found myself smiling again, feeling thankful to have run across someone – a complete stranger – who seemed to be brimming with joy. I left there feeling blessed, chuckling at a man who was mesmerized by the intricacies of garlic, and who put such evident care and concern into his cooking! Our brief little encounter made my day.

Yes, as the Bible says, we should rejoice – over the big things, small things, anything, and everything. Joy is a choice! 💛


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