The Will of God

First off, I wanted to share a small praise report: Friday was the first day where I did not have a terrible sinus headache (by-product of my recent asthma flare-up). I’m still not out of the woods yet, but I am so grateful that I just had to give God praise for a headache-free day! Here’s hoping that I remain headache-free in the weeks and months to come – but for now, I’m taking things one day at a time.

At any rate, something else quite remarkable happened this week, reminding me of an important life principle: Not every opportunity that comes my way is worth pursuing – some opportunities need to be released, so that we don’t end up in far-flung detour somewhere.

Here’s what happened: I had the chance to take on a new project, and from a distance, things looked fine. However, as I looked more closely, I realized that the person in charge of the project seemed to, by all outward measures, fit the biblical definition of a fool. I don’t mean to sound harsh or anythimg, but the Bible is pretty clear about behaviors distinguishing a wise person from a foolish one. Consider:






So I observed all three of these warning signs in this person, all over the course of a few days. So what did I do?

I simply refused to participate. In this case, I did the “right” thing – walking away, with my respect and dignity very much intact – and not looking back. Thankfully, I had not agreed to take on the project – the Lord showed me the warning signs quite early!

I believe, though, that the Lord will use this to get the other person’s attention. This individual was so certain that I would say “yes” to the opportunity, that it never occurred to the person that I might say “no.”

Sometimes, faith means trusting God that it’s wiser to walk away from an opportunity – no matter how impressive it may seem in the eyes of the world – resting in the knowledge that it simply wasn’t God’s best for me. We always have options with the Lord, and we should never fall into the trap of settling for something that is unwise and potentially unhealthy (emotionally and spiritually).

And do you know what? I believe that I was able to silence the ignorance of at least one person this week. How? By establishing and maintaining firm boundaries, and remembering my own worth and value in the eyes of the Lord.

The verse from 1 Peter 2 seems particularly stirring for me today. Simply by trusting in God’s promises, exercising good judgment, and honoring my own needs, I believe I did what was right, and in a way that was biblical, too.

Put another way, our actions as believers should be so above reproach that we leave those who would attack, abuse, or attempt to manipulate us in a stunned and confused state of silence.  They should be utterly confounded. In my case, note that I take no personal credit here – it was all from the Lord! – but I am grateful that I possessed the God-given courage to be assertive and say “no” when the time came to do so.

So keep “doing right,” my friends. Such a choice may not entitle us to lives of ease, comfort, and pleasure, but it does mean that we find ourselves comfortably situated smack-dab in the middle of God’s will! ✝️


8 thoughts on “The Will of God

  1. Hallelujah! This is exactly what has been happening to me this year. All about of trials and test. It may look and feel good, but it is not Godly. And although others don’t understand why I choose to follow Gods way, in the long run it is Gods best I want. As they say, when God is not in it, there is no chance for it to last. Awesome post!

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    1. Wise words, Tiffany! I am heartily in agreement. In fact, there was a quote by Warren Wiersbe that I read recently that stirred my heart and mind, and I thought I’d share it here (since it relates to something you said in your comment):

      “What the majority calls ‘blessing’ may actually be a judgment from God.”

      Powerful, no? Truly, most everything that glitters certainly isn’t gold, spriritually speaking.


  2. Yay for another praise report! My vision of a life of ease, comfort, and pleasure IS smack-dab in the will of God. 😊 I praise Him that He gives me no peace if I disobey or veer away. It is our responsibility to know God (to “draw near”), so that we recognize and understand His direction and guidance. And then He blesses even more!
    I couldn’t help but notice that two of your background images depict fog/smoke and then one with a clear sky. Glad to hear your air and health issues are resolving.

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    1. Wow! You are very observant, Kathy. Even I had not made that connection (about the fog/smoke/sky background images). Yes, things are steadling improving, but it’s one of those tortoise-and-hare situations. Not trying to rush through anything. 🙂

      And yes, the Lord gives us no peace when we step outside of the boundaries that He’s lovingly set for us. No peace at all!!!

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