Straight Ahead

I like this verse from Proverbs 4 because it reminds me of the importance of staying on track with whatever direction the Lord leads us in our lives. It’s so easy for us to get distracted and focus our attention elsewhere! Indeed, I had such an experience recently.

As I may have mentioned in another post, I’ve come to realize that not every opportunity that comes my way is a good one (or even the right one), and that every door that opens isn’t always meant for me. No, some opportunities – just like people – are meant to pass us by, because they may cause us to drift away from the path we’re supposed to follow.

I was approached about an opportunity recently that – by all worldly standards – looked right, but it wasn’t right (not for me, anyway!). I prayed for discernment and that the Lord would clearly reveal if this was His plan for me, or if it was something else: perhaps a test to see if I am still paying attention to what He tells me each day, or a deceptive ruse from the evil one.

At any rate, I could just tell that something about the opportunity simply wasn’t right. I saw red flags in several places, and realized that choosing to walk through this particular doorway would actually set me back – emotionally and spiritually – to a place where I’d rather not return. On the outside, the opportunity appeared to have all of the trappings of success, but no matter how I tried to sort it through in my mind, I just couldn’t get any peace about the matter.

Finally, the conclusion I reached about it – totally based on faith and trust in the Lord – was this: “God, I simply do not believe that this is Your best for me.”

And it wasn’t. It’s not. It was a lie dressed up as the truth, and – while I may be many things – a fool isn’t one of them. I decided to let this door close, choosing instead to wait on God’s best for me (rather than settling for man’s shady seconds).

I now see that this opportunity would have taken me far afield from God’s plan for my life. And if it’s something that He wants me to pursue at another time, then He will orchestrate things in such a way where I also experience His peace alomg the way. Indeed, we have to stay on the path, my friends. Eyes straight ahead – each one of us!

Will you pray with me?

Dear Lord, thank You for Your wisdom, discernment, and protection! And thank You for Your peace, which transcends all human understanding. Help me to remember that it’s always better for me to say “yes” to You and “no” to the enemy, than the other way around! Please help me to keep my eyes trained on the path that You’ve set before me, and to not be distracted by the things of this world that seem right, but actually lead to destruction. Keep my eyes open, my gaze fixed, any my feet moving in the right direction – toward You – each and every day. In Your name I pray, amen.


13 thoughts on “Straight Ahead

  1. Good for you! We must really be attuned to God and His Word every day in order to divine His will in differing situations. He is a God of emergencies, but the prayer sent up in only those instances does not build a relationship with Him nor, with it, the awareness of His leading.
    I was in a similar situation at one time. Everyone around me encouraged me one way, but I had no peace with that, even though it seemed a radical decision to go the other way and the accompanying peace. I live for Peace, so that is what I chose, and God blessed in so many ways.

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    1. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing your story here, Kathy. It’s so easy to doubt oneself after taking a step in the other direction (away from the crowd, or walking through the narrow gate, as Jesus descried it), but the peace from the Spirit both confirms the decision and provides comfort, should there be any repercussions.

      Interestingly, today, I had to find a way to wisely extract myself from the situation I described in my Thursday post. It ended up being one of those “wisdom of Solomon” situations (remember the story of the two women who both claimed to be the mother of the same baby?) – not an ideal outcome, but the Lord showed me the wise way forward, so I am grateful.

      Thanks again for your wise and encouraging words, Kathy. I look forward to reading your comments (and blog posts, too!).

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      1. !!! And then we hear these words coming out of our mouths, or see our actions, and wonder, “Where in the world did I ever think of THAT???” And then immediately know it wasn’t us or the world, but our Savior coming in to rescue us again.

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    1. Amen, Tiffany! Thank you for sharing such powerful words of Truth here today! Yes, we must keep that armor on!

      By the way, any news on your moving situation? I remember your asking for prayer about it a few months ago.

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      1. I’m with my aunt now. Since her son passed (my cousin) I’ve been keeping her company. And it’s nice, because we get to spend time together. I recently gotten sick too.

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      2. Thank you for the update. Is this the move that you were praying about – being with your aunt (which seems like a very kind thing for you to do), or should I still be praying for another moving situation?

        I will continue to pray for your health. It seems like a lot of people are sick these days. 😦

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