Daily Bread

I have selected this passage from 1 Timothy 6 as my verse of the week, because it is a powerful reminder for all of us to be content with the basic necessities of life. And while it is fine for us to desire (and have) other material things, let’s remember that Biblical contentment is simply defined as simple gratitude for the provision of clothing and food that the Lord gives to us each day.

God’s definition of contentment looks a little different than the world’s, doesn’t it? Now hear me: this doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for us to have goals or dreams, or that it’s good for us to embrace the other end of the spectrum – some harsh, minimalist life. In my view, the latter approach misses the poin entirely. The key here is this: whether we have an abundance of things or are in need, the issue is not the quantity of what we possess, but rather, the extent to which these things possess us.

Put another way, if the Lord has blessed you with much, then glorify Him with what He has given you – and the converse is true as well. Again, let’s bear in mind that the main idea here is contentment: trusting God for our daily bread and finding satisfaction with His provision, rather than focusing on what we lack.

Our daily bread – whether it is an abundance or just enough – is a gift, and we should remember to thank the Lord for His steadfast and tender care toward us. Indeed, great is His faithfulness! As the classic hymn reminds us, morning by morning, new mercies, I see.


7 thoughts on “Daily Bread

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! God is good. It’s funny – I never think of my posts as devotionals, but have come to realize over time that perhaps this is how the Lord has chosen to use them. In my mind, they’re just my not-quite-random-but-sort-of musings on matters of fatih and hope! 😀

      I am grateful for you, my friend.

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    1. Very true, Margaret. I don’t think it’s wrong for us to necessarily want more, but we have to differentiate in our minds what is a “want” and what is a “need.” God has committed to meeting the latter, and sometimes throws in some of the former (the wants) just because He’s good that way! 🙂

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  1. Just like the manna He provided: it’s there for us to pick up and use. We needn’t pick up too much, as it will sour us. He provides Enough, and He is the One Who metes out what we need. Praise Him for His goodness, mercy, and perfect love!
    Godliness with contentment is great gain.

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    1. Ooh, what a good connection to the manna lesson! Yes, as we traverse this wildnerness called life, we only need to pick up that which we need for the day, rather than hoarding up that earthly treasures which will ultimately perish.

      This comment greatly blessed me, Kathy. Thank you!

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